NEW MUSIC: Canadian Artist Thursday Jay Drops Debut Single “One Way Trip”

Thursday Jay is a talented rapper based in Ontario, Canada. His lyrics and music style paint pictures that allow his audience to connect and empathize with the various emotions and vibes he has to offer. Thursday Jay has been interested in poetry ever since elementary school and began writing music 2 years ago. With a diverse sound, Thursday Jay showcases his talents as a versatile artist.  His music is can range anywhere from energetic, raunchy or bar after bar cadences with emotion and passion put into every verse. His music is heavily influenced by The Weeknd, Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi, Kurt Cobain, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and many more. 

Out now, Thursday Jay dropped his debut single “One Way Trip” and we’re blasting it on repeat! The hard-hitting intro has “One Way Trip” off to an alluring start, when that beat drops and Thursday Jay starts spitting bars we’re blown away. His verses are polished beyond his years and his flow is incomparable. Thursday Jay has been fine tuning his craft and the melody throughout “One Way Trip” highlights his undeniable talent. His lyricism and hard hitting one liners are evidence of his creative mind. Rap icon and fan favorite, Thursday Jay knows exactly what his listeners want to hear. “One Way Trip” is a dope track that anyone can rock to and spreads a positive and confident vibe. His high energy approach to his performance is what sets him apart in today’s music industry. Putting himself on the map in a big way and authentic to the core, Thursday Jay is a name to be remembered. We can’t wait to see where Thursday Jay goes!

Check out “One Way Trip” here and read more with Thursday Jay in our exclusive interview below!

We love your new track “One Way Trip”, Thursday Jay! Can you tell us about the meaning behind the lyrics? What was the writing process like?

The meaning behind the lyrics in ‘One Way Trip’ describe my lifestyle, my determination to level up financially, mentally and emotionally, aiming to rise above my circumstances. It’s about staying in my own lane and keeping to myself in order to prosper, disregarding people who are a distraction or try to copy my moves, hence the lines “Shorty tried to hit my line, i don’t wanna hear it, ima hit decline” and “Know they all see the sauce, asking how I got it, I’ma tell em vaguely”. It’s a reflection of the times when I was struggling with money, staying levelheaded due to hard times while coping with drugs, and the people i thought would be there for me, yet were absent. There was triumph in my struggle regardless, so the lyrics express a mixture of being humble, knowing where I came from and how far I have to go, and flexing on those who switched up on me. The writing process was easy as the lyrics came to me fast, and only took a couple hours to write it all due to it being organic. 

Where did the name Thursday Jay originate?

The ‘Jay’ came from the nickname my friends would call me from my real name (Jesse) and the Thursday came from the day I was born (April 9th, 1998), and the timeless The Weeknd mixtape ‘Thursday’ which has a major influence in my music style and writing. So, I just put two and two together and came up with that because I wanted my stage name to be unique.

What’s your favorite lyric in “One Way Trip”? Why?

My favourite lyric in One Way Trip is “Wanna treat me like I’m dead, I was getting head like a nigga Jason” because the simile connects with the description of the relationship here to express the disregard I had for the dead relationship, therefore leading me to engage in new relations. It also allows my audience to visualize the nonchalance I felt for the dying relationship by connecting the bar to the actual character Jason who is known to be a character that just doesn’t care about anything at all as seen in ‘Friday the 13th’. 

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?

If I could collaborate with any artist dead or alive, i’d wanna work with Lil Uzi Vert, Kurt Cobain, Lil Wayne or The Weeknd because their music style and the imagery they’re able to paint with their words really have an influence on my lyrics and fans will continue to see that more throughout my next few singles. I really like depicting vulgar concepts, melancholic vibes, and misogyny with clever bars through my lyrics and these artists do it like its first language.

What’s your fanbase like in Ontario?

My fanbase is Ontario has reached cities like Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, Hamilton, Vaughan, London, and Markham, and Pickering, but i’m trying to expand and get my music heard in other countries and not strictly focus on Canada

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