NEW MUSIC: Check Out The Contagious, Unorthodox Sound In “Real Hittas” By Chan Thomas

Chan Thomas is a Boston-based singer/songwriter and experienced rapper who has been creating music since he was only 14-years old. The authentic and unorthodox style he brings to BuzzMusic is unlike any sound we’ve heard before. He’s been a ghostwriter for many artists and is quite shy in real life, but Chan Thomas doesn’t let that stop him. He wants his name to be known and her versatility to be shown off. He strives to create music that his listeners can vibe to and relate to on a deeper level. Chan Thomas has a profound respect for the women that raised him, along with his brother who has a disability and shows his that even when the world doesn’t always except him, he always seems to love everything about Chan.

Real Hittas” is Chan Thomas’ latest single. The smooth and confident sound of Chan Thomas reignites for this latest release “Real Hittas”. Offering up a series of energetic and multi-layered hip hop tracks, “Real Hittas” deals with hard-hitting bars and meticulously delivered verses. It leads with a relentless vocal outpouring and a quickly likable groove. Fine production lets the music stand tall, a strong mix means you can turn this up and engage with the energy of each soundscape as much as the personality and storylines at the heart of the writing. The concepts and the moods set by the music intrigue and appeal. The flow and passion in Chan’s words are completely immersive and addictive to listen to. Chan Thomas is known to offer something refreshing and undoubtedly welcome in the contemporary music scene.

Check out “Real Hittas” here and read more with Chan Thomas in our exclusive interview below!

Hey Chan Thomas! Welcome to BuzzMusic! What inspired you to first begin making music and releasing it to the public? 

I started writing poetry in 2nd grade when I was 7 & my teacher loved reading them & told me I should probably think about writing when I get older I year later I started writing to music but I was always shy and couldn’t speak up so I just wrote for m