NEW MUSIC: Cold Weather Kids Debut Single “Shaken” Is OUT NOW!

Making noise out of Los Angeles, Cold Weather Kids is made up of four talented members and friends. Adam Allison and Ryan Scottie met while attending college in the early 2010s and instantly formed a lifelong friendship. That friendship would take them to Los Angeles in 2016, where they would each pursue music through different outlets. Through various work project, Adam soon met Erik Williams, who was drumming for the band Water District at the time. The name Cold Weather Kids was inspired by the three upbringings of the members, as all three grew up in places with a cold climate: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Colorado. Guitarist Chris Avina joined the lineup in the spring of 2019, and the band began writing and recording future releases. 

The pop punk band Cold Weather Kids just released their debut single “Shaken” and we’re loving it. Pummeling guitars and rhythmic textures start the track off to a hard-hitting start. The song hits loud and fast with catchy guitar riffs and soaring vocals melodies shared by Adam Allison and Ryan Scottie. “Shaken” focuses on the breakdown of relationships, but leans towards the positivity of knowing this isn’t the end, the best is yet to come. The chemistry of Cold Weather Kids explodes through the speakers in a true punk rock fashion. “Shaken” is a spectacular debut for these guys and we can’t wait to see what they deliver next! The track was engineered and mixed by Adam Allison at Rev 9 Recording Studio in Hollywood, CA. 

Check out “Shaken” here and read more with the Cold Weather Kids below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how Cold Weather Kids came to fruition?

Ryan (vocals/bass) met Adam (vocals/guitar) in college in Chicago and bonded over their mutual love for music and song writing. Throughout college they would write and record songs together, and eventually make their way to Los Angeles to continue pursuing music in different ways.

It was through a chance encounter at Rev 9 Recording Studio in Hollywood that Adam and Ryan met Erik (drummer), and form a musical bond that would become Cold Weather Kids. At it’s origin, the band was a trio, named for the childhoods of the three members, who all grew up in colder climates: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Colorado. The band didn’t feel complete as a 3-piece; however, until Chris (guitarist) came in to audition, and we instantly knew that he was the missing piece.

Who are you musical influences? How do you draw from them for inspiration?

Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and Neon Trees; but the 2 most influential would have to be the early days of Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy. We really try to write songs and perform with the kind of energy those bands brought, but also make it our own in the 2019 music era.

We love your track “Shaken! What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Thank you so much! It’s a little on the nose, but we hope people latch onto the lyrical content. “We don’t choose the ones we fall for, but we choose the ones who stay” is really the heart of the song; and the idea moves well beyond just falling for someone in particular. It’s that acknowledgement that no one does anything great truly by themselves. We’re all in this together so be wise about who you choose to give your time to.

What’s your writing process like together?

The great thing about being in a band with these guys is that everyone is fully capable of coming to the table with a complete idea. A lot of us are competent with multiple instruments and have great ears, so it’s not uncommon to get an email from someone with a brand new fleshed out song idea attached. From there we start picking it apart and try to identify the weak parts that need fixing, or the strong parts that may have been buried in the song without realizing it.

With your debut single out, what’s next for Cold Weather Kids?

You can expect another single or two towards the end of the year, a YouTube channel is in the works with some more interactive content, and maybe even hitting the road in 2020.

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