New Music: Electric Skyline Debuts New Single "Side By Side"

February 14, 2020

If there is one thing to be said about Electric Skyline, it is that they have the ability to make people feel as if they had been part of the 80s.  As the band puts it, “There is a horizon that separates dreams and reality.”, and they are the connection. Using old school sounds, and new school technology, Electric Skyline encourages listeners to think about what they are hearing. Their brand-new track "Side By Side" is a perfect example of this. This song perfectly expresses the band’s new sound and how they have seamlessly combined elements of production. The result is admirable and professional.

"Side By Side" makes us as a listener feel good. The piano chords are intoxicating; there is cheerfulness in those notes. The drums are easy to decipher; there is comfort in the drum patterns. The lyrics are playful and safe. There is a familiarity in the lyrics that is encouraging to the listener. Our favorite part of this song is the production. Every instrument fits together like a puzzle piece. Intentionally or not, the blend of nostalgic sounds and new-age production makes this new release on the hot watch list.

Listen to "Side By Side" here.

Hi Electric Skyline, welcome to BuzzMusic! Our team is so excited to be representing your new release Side by Side.  Talk to us about your stage name! What's the story behind Electric Skyline?

The name came from our love for driving at night and seeing your city skyline ahead of you, and capturing the feeling of being in that moment.

Your sound in particular really reminds me of 80s RNB/groove; in the way that your production sounds. Do you have any major influences from that time?

We certainly pull a lot of influence from that era. We love George Benson, Prince, The Outfield, and more recent bands really inspire us like LANY, Joan, I’magene and John Mayer.

What is the inspiration behind Side By Side? What does this song mean to you?

Side by Side was written by Blake, the melody came to him in the shower and he knew he had to lay it down in the studio ASAP. The whole thing pretty much came together all in that same day.

Since this is a new release, do you have any plans of performing it anywhere around you live? For someone who hasn't seen you live before, what can they expect?

Have a few one-off shows coming up in the Birmingham AL area over the next few months, but we are really focusing on writing and finishing up these songs. So stay tuned.

What can we expect to see from Electric Skyline throughout 2020? You can expect more songs from us this year, some music videos as well as some live appearances.