NEW MUSIC: Empowering Anthem “Great Escape” By Sarah Jordan and Matt Von

Brother/ Sister power duo, Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are talented vocalists and songwriters from Toronto, Canada who strive to spread their passion for music in a positive way. Just this year they decided to pair up and fuse their talents into a duo. They want to inspire and share their story with the world through the one thing that has always made them truly happy--the gift of music. Sarah Jordan and Matt Von are excited to finally begin propelling their music together. Their groundbreaking and awakening pop sound is going to have them sky rocketing to the top if the charts.

Their chemistry is undeniable in their debut single “Great Escape” released March 2019. Not only is the production incredible, but the melody and ups and downs of this song are so empowering and so fun to vibe with. This song stays true to its name, allowing the listener to relate every lyric to their own situation and give them hope for an escape to a more positive outcome. I love the fusion of vocals, Matt’s voice and range are flawless and intoxicating. Sarah’s vocals are completely mesmerizing and beautiful. When they harmonize together it’s absolutely explosive. The surprising drop in the song to a dance/ pop beat was so refreshing and catchy. The uplifting anthem and transcendent track “Great Escape” is an emotionally-rich song that gives hope to listeners looking for their own great escape but it’s also just a fun song to blast on your speakers. “Let me fall into your arms, keep me close away from harm” is a very powerful lyric, their blood connection and what they have been through together has created a strong chemistry. Sarah and Matt have a story to tell through their music and I think this track “Great Escape” is just a peek into what’s to come from these two.

Check out “Great Escape” here. Get to know Sarah Jordan and Matt Von in depth through our exclusive interview below!

Hey guys! Can you tell us a bit more about yourselves?

At first, we both started out as individual artists, but this year, we made a choice to come together as we think our sound is very strong and it stands out as a duo. We have a very special sibling relationship, one that you don’t see too often. But it is our music, inspiring love for each other, and our shared passion that keeps us so close together. Because we both started music lessons at a young age, we appreciate the hard work that goes into making ourselves the best musicians we can be.

Matt showed an interest in playing guitar early on. He took lessons at a very young age, and now he is an accomplished acoustic, classical, and electric guitar player. Matt is a self-taught vocalist and has not t