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NEW MUSIC: Experience Raw Emotion In Zach Mackey’s Newest Single “Come Closer”

Zach Mackey, born in 1995, is an emotionally-rich singer/songwriter/producer. Originally from Virginia, Zach recently relocated to Southern California to pursue his music career more seriously. Not only is Zach Mackey ambitious, but he's educated. He graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) with his BM in Music Composition from Dr. Michael Rothkopf. While recovering from a broken heart of his own, Zach strives to create music that connects with humans on another level.

"As an artist, [Mackey] imagines his music through fundamental human narratives. His approach, always, is to connect his listener to their innate humanity." - Michael Rothkopf

His raw emotion and powerful lyricism and sound is a shot straight the heart in his newest single “Come Closer”.

It features intones about the vast loneliness of being stuck inside your own mind. Zach Mackey’s vocals are low and alluring. We see his expansive range throughout the new track and it leaves us craving more. Zach expresses, “If it’s meant to be, then why can’t I find you?” in a heart-wrenching lyric that describes the lost and aching feeling of someone’s love being out of reach. “Come Closer” is a rollercoaster of emotions and I can imagine that's what it’s like to be inside a creative and heart broken mind. The production of the track is flawless and unique. The subtle vibration and backbeat layered behind incredible piano and an echo on Zach’s voice that gives it that extra something. “Come Closer” is filled to the brim with sound arrangements of inspiration and a willingness to take risks for the sake of following that inspiration. I highly recommend you check out the new single “Come Closer” and stay on the lookout for Zach Mackey!

Listen to "Come Closer" here and get to know more about Zach Mackey below!

Hey Zach! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing into music?

Hello! I grew up learning music in concert band, actually, which is what lead me to becoming a composer! I started writing music for fun once one of my friends in high school did, and fell in love- but, music became my passion once my grandfather passed away. Music was a huge, kind of unspoken connection between us (he was a church musician). I wrote my first piece of music dedicated to him, and I haven't stopped since. That was definitely a defining moment for me.

What was your writing process like for “Come Closer”? What inspired the song?

"Come Closer" is an interesting one. It's about the process of searching for your soulmate, having people coming and going, and the discouragement of having to try one more time. Sounds super gloomy when I type it out like that, but I love this songs meaning. The ending line of "Why do I love you if I haven't even met you?" gives hope, though. It tells me that I'm in the place to find that person. But, the song itself was actually inspired by a show I was in, entitled "If It's Meant To Be" with the Diamante Winterguard of the exact same concept. I wanted to give something to my fellow performers and instructors as a thank you for such an amazing experience with them.

Your voice is so distinctive! When did you start singing?

Wow- thank you! I've been singing my entire life, but it's definitely been one of those things I kept more secret. I wasn't very confident in it. I never really had the plans of releasing music with my voice in it either, I just wanted to produce. But, I didn't really have any boys I could turn to for a song I wanted to produce, so I gave it a whirl for myself! Luckily, I'm loving what I'm making.

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

1) I have a dog named Millie, she's a legend, and is my absolute best friend. So much would be different without her, and so much is different because of her.

2) I've been performing pretty heavily in the marching arts activitires for 11 years. All through high school, after school in Drum Corps International, and after that I performed in Winterguard International.

3) Music is my journal, and it's the only one I've been able to keep. Being originally from the south, I come from a place where boys really don't talk about their feelings. Music quickly became an outlet for me, and it maintains that to this day. You can always tell how I am doing by the type of music I'm creating.

Who are your top three musical influences?

Easy, easy, easy: Billie Eilish, Isak Danielson, and London Grammar.


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