New Music Friday: Alternative Blues Band The Mojo Slide Release "The Sky Is Falling In"

Five-piece Alternative Blues band The Mojo Slide is delivering new and improved tracks to their listeners. Straight out of Cambridgeshire, England, TheMojo Slide curates their sound based on personal emotion and experiences, providing a more real and sincere aspect to their music. With an almost whimsical sound, The Mojo Slide has our entire heart with their music. They produce tracks that are not only memorable, but they are also picturesque in the best way possible. Hitting more honest and soft tones, the band works in ways to incorporate a more compelling and assertive tone to elevate their sound. We're falling in love with The Mojo Slide and their genuine sound, and we know our Blues-loving BuzzMusic listeners will too!

"The Sky Is Falling In" is the latest release from The Mojo Slide, and they're providing the perfect type of Alternative Blues we needed this Monday morning. With soft instrumentals, combined with a rugged vocalism, it makes for a calming tune from The Mojo Slide. However, combined with that tranquil atmosphere The Mojo Slide create in a variety of their songs, they also bring a more heavy-hitting aspect to "The Sky Is Falling In" through the use of more daunting guitar riffs. We appreciated this aspect of the song primarily because it added some rough edges to the track, and gave it a more haunting feel than you'd expect in an alternative blues track. The Mojo Slide is putting out music that is far from ordinary--they're the five-piece alternative band we've been wanting for some time, and now that we have them, we're obsessively tuned in and listening to their rustic sound.

"The Sky Is Falling In" can be accessed here, and you can find our interview with The Mojo Slide below!

Hey there The Mojo Slide! Wonderful having you guys here on BuzzMusic! Can you introduce the band to our readers, and the primary message you hold as a music group?

Hi Readers! We are The Mojo Slide, a five-piece filthy blues rock n' roll band from Cambridge in the UK. We have many influences ranging from blues to Britpop, as well as grunge, folk, indie, garage rock and classic rock n' roll from all eras. I’d say our primary message is not one of self promotion really - just support local music and your favourite bands! 

"The Sky Is Falling In" is a very soft and relaxing song, however we definitely didn't miss the heavy-hitting elements added to the track! How did the overall curation of the track go? How did you all come to realize the overall song was the right execution?

Like several other tracks on the EP we're releasing it’s an acoustic version of a track from our debut album 'Twist Your Bones'. But this version of the song was kind of how our singer and lyricist originally imagined the finished song when he first wrote the lyrics. It was meant to be slow, brooding and not too heavy. But our lead guitarist came with a huge riff and the album version became a heavy, funky, blues-rock monster of a tune. We’ve always had a folk and Americana influence in some of our songs and our two guitarists are also classically trained multi-instrumentalists playing piano, viola, violin, mandolin and of course the acoustic guitar. We get to experiment with those different sounds when playing occasional acoustic shows and radio appearances. It was from this experimenting, tapping into those other influences, that led us to what the track became. So, fittingly, this version is perhaps more as it was originally intended. It's got a more haunting feel than the album version and is a fitting climax to our new EP that the track lends it's name to.

What was the predominant message integrated within "The Sky Is Falling In"?

There is no actual message, its more dark personal experiences interwoven into a fictional folk story paying homage to The Brothers Grim fable, Chicken Licken, aka Chicken Little, weirdly enough. But every rock band needs a song about the end of the world, this one is ours.

What is the most rewarding experience you've had as a band?

There’s lots of great live experiences we’ve had but the most rewarding is just being able to connect with our fans with our songs. There's also been some hotel experiences that we might have to save telling about for an autobiography. 

Is The Mojo Slide performing anywhere in the near future?!

We are currently working on our second album release but we've made time for three more gigs this year, plus some radio shows.

-7th September at The Portland Arms, Cambridge, United Kingdom. -11th October at The Hunters Club, Bury St Edmonds, United Kingdom.

-9th November at The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough, United Kingdom.

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