New Music Friday: R0 Bradley Puts Emphasis On Passion In His New Music Video, “Lost Without You”

R0 Bradley is bringing a new wave of melodic pop that you won’t be able to resist. The 27-year-old multi-talented individual who was born in London, England, discovered his special love for electronic dance music and production after living in Hong Kong. Although his music can speak for itself, it’s undoubtedly evident that this rising star has quite an impressive track record of accolades. His first feature role was in the Philippines hosting the Hit TV show R'Walk & eventually starred in a traveling documentary at just the age of 19. He has not only created success for himself in the film industry but his second single titledTake Me To Paradise was the game-changer with a critically acclaimed music video that leads him to be invited and play two years in a row at the world-renowned Miss World Pageant.

R0 Bradley has released his latest single titled Lost Without You which is his first solo track in which he completely sung, wrote, and produced every element and sound you hear in this atmospheric love piece. He released an incredible visual to match the quality of sound and we couldn’t keep our eyes off the screen! The video begins with a burning acoustic guitar which sets off a sense of romanticism before the melodic instrumental begins transitioning in. With gorgeous footage of multiple scenic locations, the entire aesthetic of this video is already setting the bar high! With more scenes of multiple burning guitars, I was able to create a connection between the video and the passionate and emotive lyricism. The song has this unique chemistry with sad vs happiness. Although the lyrics give off multiple themes of heartbreak, sorrow, and emptiness, in a way you’re able to feel a rejuvenating feeling of acceptance and growth. Nonetheless, the entire aura of this song represented a true form of artistic creation and the video further proved that R0 Bradley is a groundbreaking artist and creator who has a bright future that lies ahead of him.

Listen to "Lost Without You" here and check out the brand new music video below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic R0 Bradley! You’ve been a hard-working success so far in your career. What has been the most motivating aspect for you as an artist and why?

Great to be here! I find the most motivation from being in the studio and creating day after day, whether its working on my own stuff or with other artists, having people around you that push you to keep going like the guys at Killa Kartel has been hugely motivating for me, I've always been a Producer and have recently stepped fully into the artist territory which is pretty nerve-racking for me, but knowing that you're part of something and making music that gets people excited and motivated to work on their own projects and tell their own stories really motivates me.

We took a listen to your new single “Lost Without You” and this song was beautiful. What does this track mean to you? What inspired the purpose of this record and why?

The track means a lot to me, not as an artist but as a writer and a person. Its entirely inspired by personal experiences. I've had a lot of loss in my life and sometimes I just can't get these lyrics out of my head and that's what happened with this one, I think it took me a year on and off to write. It's about losing the ones closest to you and I'm sure many people can relate to it, or I hope they can anyway because ultimately that is my purpose. Creating and releasing it was for me to get the way I felt off my chest, but I hope that it can help some people express themselves and know there are other people out there with similar experiences.

Your music video was a beautiful visual that complemented the music highly well. Can you describe to us the production of this? Were there any specific shots or scenes you wanted to include and why?

Thank you! The Production took around 6 months and we started filming in Wales, using the amazing mountain locations In the peak of winter, which you can see is beyond freezing! We generally managed to get all the shots we wanted but we actually climbed a fair amount of Mount Snowdon with a lot of people and equipment and ended up being caught up in a snowstorm so we didn't get one of the original locations we planned, however, we improvised and pulled off the shots, the whole thing was mapped out pretty well from the beginning but we were using locations hundreds of miles apart so it was a lot of work! We wanted to make the video pretty epic representing the journey of a lost man, physically and emotionally. I think it worked out well and turned into a great video!

What was the most challenging aspect for you as an artist when creating “Lost Without You”?

That's a tough question, as an artist I think the hardest thing is believing in something you make, there's so much other good music out there and I can't imagine everyone likes the sound of their own voice! I am a Producer at heart and this song was my first solo exploit producing, mixing, singing and writing the track myself so I found it hard to keep telling myself it's any good, you have to listen to the people around you and believe, and remember why you're doing this in the first place, and in my case for this song it was to tell a story. 

There’s no doubt that you are on to do bigger and better things! What can our readers expect from R0 Bradley in the upcoming year of 2020?

I'm doing a lot of production for other artists which I'm super excited about, in all kinds of genres which has booked me up, which I'm of course really happy about, I'm producing full time now which was a huge milestone for me, I've opened up a little studio in the UK and It's great to work for myself and be able to be closer to my friends and family. If we're talking about 2020 I would like to say that's finally the year I put out my debut album, I've been working on it for years but I really want to make sure its the best it can be and I'm in no rush for that, as an artist you are ready when you are ready. I would like to work on bigger projects and do more writing and focus a bit more in getting back into TV and Film, as I love acting, as you can see from my videos. I'm super busy but I'm taking some time off to travel and live shows to focus on other aspects of my life, I won't stop creating and I'm sure there will be another single in early 2020!


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