New Music From IISMA Says You Just Don’t “Feel The Same”

Growing up in San Juan Puerto Rico, Iisma’s childhood was heavily flooded with music. Listening to mostly salsa, it wasn’t until his teenage years that he discovered his ability to sing. After moving to the US with his family, IISMA dove into a more soulful R&B inspired sound, while still incorporating the roots of Puerto Rico into his sound. He made his debut with his hit single “Run” and continues to work on his upcoming EP! IISMA’s new single titled “Feel The Same” is a project that immediately grabs attention. This fusion of passionate, soulful vocals, poetic imagery, and a decidedly magnetic soundscape proves the perfect way to introduce yourself to IISMA’s music. “Feel The Same” goes on to envelope the listener in an artistic moment of engagement, ultimately introducing Iisma in a powerful and completely unexpected manner.

There’s plenty to love and to get lost within. “Feel The Same” contrasts experimental moments that reach straight for the heart. Iisma’s voice alone has so much character that you can tell this will last if the songs and the performances keep coming. On top of that though, “Feel The Same” offers something pure, honest, and deeply considerate. This set of qualities that are so valuable, and well worth holding onto once you find them. IISMA deserves his spot on the scene, now and in the years to come.

Check out “Feel The Same” and more music from IISMA here!