New Music From Nimo and the Light Is on the Way and We Can't Wait

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What's the story behind Nimo and the Light?

Nimo & The Light is an indie band from Brooklyn New York. I started the band in 2013 after I wrote songs that I envisioned in an indie package. I gathered highly accomplished musicians to help support my vision. We played extensively in the tri-boro area and after polishing the songs, we got into the studio and completed our 1st full-length album “Don’t feed the pigeons”

It was such a pleasure getting to listen to your album "Don't Feed The Pigeons". What inspired this record? How did it come to light?

The songs on the album were piling up in my drawer for a few years after I released my solo EP “Espresso River” in 2012 a lot of the material is an observation of our modern life, current political landscape, and emotional state. Some major inspirations include Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Beck. We first recorded the rhythm section (Bass & Drums) and added layers of guitars, keys, and vocals later in the process. It was a long process since I was funding it myself, but this definitely was a brilliant journey.

"Keeping Em' Honest" is one of many infectious tracks on this record. How did you choose this song to be single? What does this song mean to you?

“Keeping ‘em honest” is a song I wrote on one of my visits to my hometown Tel Aviv. At the time there was a big scandal involving leadership corruption that led to the indictment of the prime minister. This song is relevant today more than ever, with the rise of corruption stories related to people in power. This song is for those who had enough of broken promises, empty slogans and seek a cleaner and just political environment.

You have some great accomplishments under your belt, as a band and solo. What has been a highlight of your career?

The highlight was great album reviews from “shock ya” “vinyl chapters” magazines. Also, winning audience choice award runner up for the video of “Skin to skin” @ the “Great Lakes international film festival”. Getting a premiere on “Ventz magazine” and interviews on “obscure sound” “kill the music” “electro wow”.

What can we expect to see from Nimo and the Light throughout 2020?

We’re currently recording more songs. We have 2 new songs that are gonna be released early 2020 and will be followed up by a tour in the summer. We are still playing consistently in the New York area.

Stream Nimo and the Light here.