New Music From North Florida Reggae Artist Mic Mirad: “Never”

Based in North Florida, Mic Mirad is a talented new artist that flawlessly blends reggae and hip-hop. Not only is he a gifted performing artist, but the multi-talented Mic Mirad is also a producer and mixing engineer. Influenced by reggae artists like Buju and soul singers like Eryka, his musical fusion was bound to succeed.

Never” offers the fullness of a reggae band, along with a notable alternative hip-hop aura that fuses with that raw musicality in an energizing way. Where many instrumental compositions follow a progressive and somewhat experimental story-line, there are definite threads of familiarity throughout this piece. Moments of melody and flickers of character, all of which help “Never” feel like a recognizable song in many ways. It’s an unusual quality but one that helps present a level of identity that will likely allow listeners to connect the music to the artist in an instant after hearing it even just once. There are stages to “Never”, moments of change and evolution. All the while though, the energy remains at a constant high bringing brightness at the forefront of the experience. There’s just the added benefit of movement to help hold tight to your interest. I highly recommend you give “Never” a listen and stay tuned for more!

Check out “Never” here and read more with Mic Mirad below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! What does the release of “Never” represent for you?

Greetings! Releasing 'Never' is a milestone I've been waiting to cross for some years now. It represents the ripening of the fruit that is Mirad, and the evolution of MY label, Boutique Musick. It represents me completing my circle as a Hip Hop, Soul, and a Reggae Artist.

What feelings do you hope to instill in your listeners when they hear your music?

I want people to feel free and fulfilled after listening. I created this whole project to introduce something they may not be familiar with, but still can gravitate towards it like its something they've been involved with all along. 'Reggae Musick Vol. 1' touches on a variety of subject matters while not straying from a fun and positive wave.

What emotions did you channel when creating “Never”?

Writing 'Never' brought forth a nonchalant form of insecurity. If you peep the lyrics in a line like: Since you let me (go), It's myself Unu and me; Mi say mi dandy, I'm lying I can't stand it. It's me trying to act like I'm all good with carrying on life alone, only to admit It actually sucks lol. It also brought forth a lot of joy because of the Vibe the product gives, so it's not sad listen, it's more so picking at myself and stepping into my actual truth.

What is your most profound influence when curating your pieces?

First and foremost Jah (God) has been my most profound influencer. He influenced me to create this whole project, not just for myself but for everyone who comes in contact with it. He made me reflect in ways I've never reflected before, which led to me creating like I have never created before.

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

A: I plan on performing the remainder of the year, spreading Reggae Musick as far as I can through digital and physical energy. I am also gearing up to release a number of collaborative projects with some extremely talented musicians in the Atlanta area. Just keep an ear on Mirad and you'll be in for quite an audiological experience.

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