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NEW MUSIC: Geri D’Fyniz Is Back Again With A Hip-Hop Summer Jam “Match My Vibe”

Geri D’Fyniz is a multi-talented, self-made artist from Chicago, Illinois. Geri embraces all aspects of his diverse upbringing. Born to a former Print Model/Cosmetologist and Street Hustler, eri was able to see grind and ambition from different angles. Geri D’Fyniz, being the hard working entrepreneur that he is by blood, founded D’Fyniz Enterprises, LLC with a main focus on empowering and encouraging content for the daily lifestyle of Black people.

"My Music echoes my Lifestyle, Black Empowerment over EVERYTHING" 

- Geri D' Fyniz

Taking a step in a new direction from his usual warrior-class brash and unapologetic black demeanor, Geri D’Fyniz just released a lighthearted hip-hop track titled, “Match My Vibe”. This track allows the listener some insight on Geri's ideal woman. He doesn’t like to focus on specific type, but rather a specific feeling, someone that authentically matches his vibe. Geri won’t be wasting any of his time on girls that want attention for the wrong reasons. “This toxic ratchet shit is really far from cute, I respect women too much to watch them act so foolish” this lyric perfectly highlights Geri’s personality. He has self respect and doesn’t want to associate with that behavior but he also needs to make it clear that the reason behind not wanting to associate comes from a place of respect. Not wanting to let this behavior gain attention! The catchy back beat throughout “Match My Vibe” makes it an undeniable summer banger! The soul-filled and contagious hook is layered with a 3 part harmony, all performed by Geri! Congratulations on the new single Geri D’Fyniz and thank you for sharing it with BuzzMusic and the rest of the world. Stay on the lookout for Geri D’Fyniz, big things to come. 

Check out “Match My Vibe” here and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Hi Geri! Welcome back to BuzzMusic, can you tell our new readers and fans how you got started in music?

I have been writing and producing music for over 15 years dating back to August 2004 when I recorded my first song. I grew up in a Christian church where I sang in the choir and played the drums at an early age, so I've been around music my whole life and used it as a way to express myself. I finally made it my business earlier this year with the creation of my own musical imprint D'Fyniz Enterprises. 

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

I draw inspiration from a wealth of different artists. However, these three that I am about to name hold a special place in my heart. 

James Brown for being the ultimate entertainer and always leaving the crowd wanting something more. 

2Pac for being so un-apologetically black, so poetic, so raw, and also possessing the type of compassion to uplift a forgotten class of people. 

Nipsey Hussle for betting on himself and putting himself in a position to not only win but inspire an entire culture while still staying true to his roots and being relentless. 

Can you tell us more about "Match My Vibe"? Why'd you choose to switch it up with your writing style?

I've always written songs like Match My Vibe because my first love is singing. I'll eventually produce a project with more singing than rapping. I feel like I can be more experimental and expressive when I sing. That allows me to break free from culturally restrictions and truly express myself artistically. With this record, I wanted to talk more to my female audience. Even though there are plenty of women that like my more aggressive music, I wanted to come with something fun and sensual for women. When I speak to women it's never aggressive or brash. So I wanted this record to represent something I naturally do. 

What feeling do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I want listeners to understand that there are multiple dimensions to me. I'm not always aggressive. I'm not always sensual. However, I am always true and to the point. No matter what type of record I create I will never sugar coat my message and I respect my audience enough to always keep it thorough with them. 

What's next for you Geri D'Fyniz?

I will be dropping part 2 of my "The Black C.O.D.E" Street Album later this summer. I also have Official Music Videos coming for "Match My Vibe" & "Black Labels" 


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