NEW MUSIC: Kar Released Their Debut Single “Anything At All”

Alternative/Indie Pop duo Kar is making their mark on the music scene from Bath, UK. Comprised of Kathryn Dobbin (vocals and keyboard) and Charlie Player (vocals and guitar), the powerhouse duo is self-made and rising to the top. 

Up and coming project Kar releases their debut single “Anything At All”. This track dabbles with the idea of getting over someone you once loved very deeply. It weaves through emotive poetry and expert lyricism that focuses on new love that can grow from the broken remains of an old love. The emotions that someone feels when they realize they’re moved on from someone they used to care about are overwhelming but Kar manages to beautifully put that into a song. The mesmerizing melody and catchy tune makes “Anything At All” a spectacular debut. Kathryn Dobbin has an angelic and pure vocal register that resonates with her listeners and Charlie’s harmonies and strumming match perfectly. The melancholic yet easy listening indie-pop sound that Kar creates in memorable and addicting. The admirable quality of being able to create music that your fans can relate to is hard to find but Kar has got it. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Check out “Anything At All” here and read more below in our exclusive interview.

Hi Kar! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you the of you meet?

We met at College as we were both studying a music performance course. During the start of the year we didn't think in a million years that we would end up forming a band but after being put together for a project we realized that musically we have very similar ambitions and more than anything we love working together.

What’s your writing process like as a duo?

Sometimes long and strenuous, sometimes quick and easy, it depends to be honest. We tend to think about chords or context first, whether it's a narrative or an event that one of us would like to write about. we then spend most of our time writing lyrics as we want our vocals to flow and convey meaning to our listeners. Next step is to grab our session drummer and tighten up the instrumentation to make sure everything fits together nicely, and after hours and hours of practice, we are ready to start the recording process.

What does the track “Anything At All” mean to you? What inspired it?

Anything at All is about moving on from an old relationship that may have once felt perfect but was never the right thing. We both have had bad experiences in relationships in the past but are happy to say that we are now in the best place we can be. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Anything at All is a message to our listeners saying that if you aren't happy then the only way you can fix it is by figuring it out in the first place and changing something in your life. Be selfish, as it's YOUR life and no one else's.

From an artist’s perspective, what do you think the most powerful lyric in “Anything At All” is?

Probably the last line of the Chorus 'you don't owe me'. The title links with this line and it shows that despite having a bad experience, they don't owe you anything because you've taught yourself how to be happy and no one else has. The past is in the past.


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