New Music: Liam Cyr Releases Moving Folk Motif, “I Should Have Known

Musician and actor Liam Cyr is making his mark in the music industry. Residing in Toronto, Canada, Liam embrace his passion for folk music and storytelling by adding his own life experiences into his music. Inspired by artists like James Taylor, Ben Howard, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Liam tailors his own music with honesty, poignant thoughts, and original acoustic guitar. With three singles under his belt already, we can’t wait to see how far Liam Cyr goes.

We can’t give Liam Cyr enough praise for his beautiful and heart wrenching single “I Should Have Known”. Definitely get ready to be swept away into a powerful story, soulful lyricism and flawless vocals backed by vulnerable and emotive poetry. The heartbreaking love ballad weaves through intricate details on Liam’s inner thoughts, his life experience and the trails of love along the way. Authentic to the core, Liam Cyr’s acoustic guitar riffs draw the listener in. He further hypnotizes with his incredible range and vocal tone. “I Should Have Known” is packed with melancholic excellence and raw energy. I highly recommend you check out this track but if you’re going through a break up… Grab a tissue. Stay on the lookout for what Liam Cyr delivers next!

Listen to “I Should Have Known” here and read more with Liam Cyr in our interview below!

How did you get started making music? How old were you when you started performing?

My father spent a lot of time teaching me how to play drums when I was a kid and introduced many different genres of music to my palette during the same time. I picked up the guitar when I was 11 years old and started writing my own songs when I was 15. I had been performing live with a couple of bands playing the drums, but my first solo artist performance was when I was 16. I covered “Gravity” by John Mayer and I was a nervous wreck.

What inspired this track? Can you tell us more about the meaning behind the lyrics?

The inspiration for this track came from an experience from my personal life not long ago. Somebody very close to me stripped themselves from my life abruptly, leaving me questioning if it was my own fault and what I could have done to prevent it, if anything at all. This song is a summarization of everything I was feeling in that moment of departure, and my feelings on further reflection afterwards.

Do you try to incorporate your life experiences into all the music you write? Why?

I do try to incorporate my life experiences into all my music. When I was recording in Los Angeles, my producer and mentor Dave Way told me that the key to a good song is an honest story. It took plenty of life experiences for me to truly understand his words. I started really paying attention to the lyrics my favorite artists were writing and found myself truly understanding why I connected to these artists and songs so much. I felt like they understood me. I didn’t feel alone. I try to do the same with my audience.

How do you pull inspiration from your diverse musical influences?

I study certain artists for their technical songwriting abilities, others for their exquisite and delicate guitar playing, and a handful of others for their raw emotional release. The culmination of all of these different influences helps me create my own signature. Ultimately, it comes back to the story, and I will forever be grateful to these artists for being honest about their own life experiences, so I can be honest about my own.

What’s next for Liam Cyr?

My next single is being released at the beginning of August, as well as an EP early next fall. 


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