NEW MUSIC: LOVEONFRIDAY Drops “Anxiety” Featuring Trevor Daniel

Cesar Lozano is a Houston-based singer/songwriter/producer, better known for his professional name LOVEONFRIDAY. He continues to challenge quintessential music genres with his melodic and ambient sound. This borderless style allows him to test the waters of any genre, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with every release. Creating relatable tracks, LOVEONFRIDAY transparently discusses the realities of life. His passionate, yet euphoric, vocals produce an emotion-provoking experience for all.

Leaning in a slightly different direction is the song “Anxiety” Ft. Trevor Daniel (Prod By. Michael Bao), his track offers shock factor from the title alone and proceeds to deliver on that mood and that thought process in a mellow and self-reflective manner. The beat works beautifully underneath the personal outpouring of difficulty and observations on life. The track sounds great, calming you in contrast with the struggle implied by the concept. Some of the bars here are incredibly poetic, notably open and honest, all of which work well to impress and connect all at once. LOVEONFRIDAY and Trevor Daniel don’t hide behind anything. The music and the lyrics work as a unit to portray a sense of realness and purity. Stay tuned for more from LOVEONFRIDAY, always creating new content! We're very impressed by this one and can't wait to hear more.

Listen to “Anxiety” Ft. Trevor Daniel (Produced by Michael Bao) here and read more from LIVEONFRIDAY in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about your new song “Anxiety”? What emotions did you channel when creating this song?

I’m always living in the future and brushing past the present. It has been a slight issue for me, but about a year ago is when it started to become a major problem. I started taking Adderall because I needed help concentrating. It gave me a nonstop workflow, and I loved to always be on the go. The only time I could feel anything was when I was on the drug. I noticed that Adderall was a problem, so I stopped. The withdrawals were taking such a toll on me. I wasn’t my self anymore. I was hating things that I once loved. All I wanted to do was stay in my bed. I hated late-night drives that I used to love. I started ignoring those around me who cared. My life was slowly falling apart and everything felt as if it weren’t real. The only time I’d feel sane or normal was when I was with my girlfriend. She made me forget about everything but as soon as I’d leave her house I was a mess. I couldn’t take it.

Fast forward two weeks and I fell back into it again. This was all while making my EP Selfish, where I had multiple panic attacks. One day, I took three pills, making the best music I had ever made, but the comedown was detrimental and destructive. I had just enough Adderall in my system to overdose. The next day is when things got real - I had an anxiety attack like any other. Everything was moving slowly and I truly thought I was about to die. After that anxiety attack, I completely stopped taking Adderall. I realized that I was addicted so I came clean to my family to get help. My friend Jonny London was there to help me and I cannot thank him enough for his support - I should have listened to him sooner. This was also around the same time Mac Miller had his drug overdose. Watching the final video of him working on music before he passed hit me hard. I kept thinking that could be me, hence the line “I feel like I need another I’m afraid I won’t wake up”.

How have you overcome and persevered through the feelings you had when creating “Anxiety”?

What did I do next? As of last week, I could no longer fight it my self, my anxiety started taking over my so I went to go see a doctor I’m now on a low dosage of medication to control my heart and antidepressants. I use to not agree with taking anything but I definitely cannot go through this alone. I am slowly but surely feeling like my self again. The amount of people who told me that they can relate to my song “Anxiety” is crazy. It shows people that they are not the only ones who feel this way. They are not alone

Who or what would you say has inspired you the most to make this style of music?

If you don’t already know, Trevor Daniel is someone who has always inspired me to make the music that I make today. Aside from him, I’ve been listening to a lot of pop-punk rock. I like how artists in that genre have nothing but raw emotion in their voice. That’s something I’ve been taking note of so I can apply that style into my music but make it my own.

What do you hope your listeners take away from “Anxiety”?

I want my listeners to know that they are not alone. I do not care how busy I am I will always be here to talk. Suicide is not an option. Every problem we are faced with is temporary. When most people are depressed, they are worrying about the past and when most people suffer from anxiety, they are worrying about the future. We cannot change either of those things so focus on living in the now!

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward through the end of 2019?

By the beginning of next year, I want to break out as an artist. I am looking to hit at least 100,000 monthly listeners on my Spotify. For now, that is the goal. Once I reach that, there will be another one. I like to focus on one goal at a time instead of explicitly setting multiple.