NEW MUSIC: LOVEONFRIDAY Drops “Anxiety” Featuring Trevor Daniel

Cesar Lozano is a Houston-based singer/songwriter/producer, better known for his professional name LOVEONFRIDAY. He continues to challenge quintessential music genres with his melodic and ambient sound. This borderless style allows him to test the waters of any genre, keeping fans on the edge of their seats with every release. Creating relatable tracks, LOVEONFRIDAY transparently discusses the realities of life. His passionate, yet euphoric, vocals produce an emotion-provoking experience for all.

Leaning in a slightly different direction is the song “Anxiety” Ft. Trevor Daniel (Prod By. Michael Bao), his track offers shock factor from the title alone and proceeds to deliver on that mood and that thought process in a mellow and self-reflective manner. The beat works beautifully underneath the personal outpouring of difficulty and observations on life. The track sounds great, calming you in contrast with the struggle implied by the concept. Some of the bars here are incredibly poetic, notably open and honest, all of which work well to impress and connect all at once. LOVEONFRIDAY and Trevor Daniel don’t hide behind anything. The music and the lyrics work as a unit to portray a sense of realness and purity. Stay tuned for more from LOVEONFRIDAY, always creating new content! We're very impressed by this one and can't wait to hear more.

Listen to “Anxiety” Ft. Trevor Daniel (Produced by Michael Bao) here and read more from LIVEONFRIDAY in our interview below!