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NEW MUSIC: Miranda López’ Much Anticipated Release “Pray” Is Out May 27th!

Equipped with a unique set of vocals and a mind full of creativity, Miranda López launches into the music scene from London. She’s a 22 year old singer/songwriter/musician who is skilled at playing guitar and piano and has been singing for 12 years! Miranda’s known for her alternative pop style but she credits her songwriting abilities to more classical influences. Her debut single “Lose Myself” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Back again and better than ever, Miranda López is set to release “Pray” May 27th! I was lucky enough to get an exclusive listen and WOW. Soft piano fused with heavy and much anticipated bass give this track a perfect aesthetic. Miranda’s melancholy and echoing vocals are hypnotizing and alluring. Her tone, range, and powerful register remind me of the late and great Amy Winehouse mixed with a more modern and fresh vibe. Layered with somber emotions “Pray” is a pleading anthem for the broken hearted. “I pray you never forget me… I think I’m losing my mind” this lyric further highlights the hurt and vulnerability behind the vocals. The upbeat drops of the song include heavy bass and mind blowing synths to keep you head bobbing throughout. Emotionally-rich and hard hitting,“Pray” is a huge leap in the right direction for this up and coming alternative pop diva, Miranda López. I highly recommend keeping up with this brilliant artist to see where her creative flare takes her next!

Check out “Pray” when it’s released on May 27th!


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