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NEW MUSIC: “Misery” By Calmgrove Is A Fresh Take On Pop Punk

Calmgrove is a popular band from Southern California. Comprised of five members Eric Guzman (Vocals), Tommy Maung (Guitar), Daniel Alvarado (Guitar), Sean Gonzales (Bass), and Nolan Hernandez (Drums). They fuse their melodious styles and inspirations to create a Pop Punk / Emo sound. Calmgrove’s debut single “Lifelong” was released March 2018 and since then they’ve been performing all over California with other notable bands such as Her Own Words, Belmont, Oh Weatherly, and Never Loved. Without skipping a beat Calmgrove’s new single launched into the Pop Punk music scene and we’re already fanatical about it.

“Misery” is a heavy new punk-rock-pop hit that’s been blaring on my speakers on repeat! The powerful and precise guitar and bass from Tommy, Daniel and Sean in the beginning had me instantly hooked. Nolan’s incredible skill-set on the drums sets Calmgrove’s sound apart from today’s emo/ pop punk music scene. When Eric starts singing I was in awe of his vocals and fresh tone.  The music video for “Misery” shows off the group’s chemistry while performing in a modern loft. It features many close-ups on the guitarists movements and Nolans intensity. When the focus is on Eric it’s easy to see the power he puts behind his spotless vocals. I love the hook before the last chorus, the music break right beforehand is flawless and the dance moves from Tommy, Daniel and Sean are light-hearted while they perform with ease. It’s so important for stage presence that the whole group is having a great time and that’s evident in the music video for “Misery”. Eric belts out he last chorus with crisp perfection and makes me want to listen over and over again. The catchy and addicting chorus in “Misery” remind me of a more finely-calibrated Blink 182. The SoCal band Calmgrove know exactly how to release hits that having us begging for more.

Listen to "Misery" when it's released on April 24th here. Get to know more about Calmgrove below!

Hey guys! How did the five of you meet and start the band?

Daniel, Tommy, and I (Eric) went to high school together and have been playing in bands with each other for several years. When the idea of Calmgrove was thrown out, we decided to reach out to some other musicians in our area. Through friends we met with Sean (Bass) and Nolan (Drums). Once we all got in the room to work on some songs, it felt natural and right.

What’s your writing process like as a group?

It usually starts with a riff or drum idea, then we'll begin to build around it. Once there is somewhat of a foundation, I'll start putting lyrics and melodies over it. Its definitely a process though. We spend a lot of time changing and rearranging parts - we're definitely our toughest critics.

Who are your musical inspirations that have helped shape your careers in music?

We all grew up listening to bands like Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, and The Starting Line - which definitely kickstarted our interest in music . We all have unique preferences and expose each other to knew music whenever we're driving around together. As of lately, we've been listening and gaining inspiration from the sounds of In Her Own Words,  LANY, Like Pacific, and Travis Scott. 

What’s the meaning behind “Misery”?

Misery is about the hardships that come when relationships begin to fall apart. It's a bitter part of life that everyone can relate to and often leaves you wondering "What could have I done differently?" Friendships that you imagine lasting a lifetime can end up dwindling and the lack of their presence can really mess with you

Can we expect an EP or full album?

We have studio time booked to record our first EP! We are aiming for a mid summer release and are absolutely thrilled to get started. The support has been awesome and we're ready to show everyone what we've been working so hard on. Keep an eye out for some updates!


Connect with Calmgrove through the artists Instagram!


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