New Music Monday: “I Was Meant To Love” From 19-Year-Old Acoustic Artist Leon C

Leon C is a talented singer/songwriter and musician with over 10 years of experience playing the guitar. Leon C transitioned into songwriting in more recent years and has since released a debut album and has toured through summer 2018 and 2019. His drive and ambition are unmatched as the young up and comer Leon pulls inspirations from legends like Bob Dylan, Kevin Morby, and Townes Van Zandt. Leon has found himself with an ever-growing fan base and has garnered much success over the years. He shows no signs of slowing down with his new single “I Was Meant To Love” available now!

I Was Meant To Love” is an introspective song that extremely close to Leon’s heart. It explores Leon’s emotions and growth as a person and artist, leaving him feeling unsure of his identity. The overall sentiments and organic nature of the song balance perfectly with one another. Listeners will find comfort in the accessible and well-relateable themes of engaging content. Leon pours his heart and soul into every corner of this song. He fuses fine musicianship with inspiring lyrics, all while delivering a spectacular vocal line. “I Was Meant To Love” is a deeply personal and vulnerable track, something we look forward to seeing more of from Leon!

Listen to Leon C's new single “I Was Meant To Love” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Leon! It’s such a pleasure to feature your new song “I Was Meant To Love”. For our readers who are unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your sound and approach to songwriting? 

Hello! Bold of you to think I know my sound! For this single we were not working with your normal rock and roll format, lots of orchestral arrangement and texture making as opposed to your standard drums, bass, and lead. But we’ll see how things change, my sound is barely standing still, it's changing as I grow, as I get more influences and hear more sounds. I try not to limit myself; I fear I’ll lose my authenticity.

All my successful songwriting has always been done in a moment of inspiration, whether that’s an idea on the guitar or a lyric. Pretty much as you’d expect a song to be written. Then its just a case of getting it down in chord structure and words, recording a demo, grabbing a drink and then coming back and seeing if it’s rubbish or not. If I like it, then I’ll keep it, or at least until it goes out of fashion in my head later down the line.

We’re swooning over the beauty of “I Was Meant To Love”, it’s very personal. What emotions were you feeling in order to create this song? How you have persevered through those emotions and challenges?

I wrote it in November of 2018 when I had just moved to uni. I was living in university halls, was struggling with independent living and had sort of forced myself into situations regarding dating and relationships. Since my time at sixth form (ages 16-18) I had felt an irrational need to be with someone, have the company of someone, and have someone there to love and be loved back. By the time I reached university, I had gotten myself into a paradox where I felt I couldn’t make anything work (I was obviously forcing it) and I felt alone and abnormal. This song then sort of poured out on a lonely night and voila.

I don’t think there was much to get through it, I fell in love and had a very fulfilling relationship soon after. It ended in a calm rational manner but the general kindness of it and the feeling of real love broke the stigma I’d built in my head.

At only 19 years old you’ve really established your sound and vibe as an artist. How do you feed your passion for music every day? What continues to inspire you?

Thank you, a kind compliment. I have a stupid, sometimes quite unhealthy drive for it. I don’t want to glorify it; I think I need to look after myself better and would prefer people not to copy it or be cursed with the blessing that I have. I think at the end of the day I want to write and want my art to be seen and heard. The music and prose I write is so painfully me and I just want to show it to people, it frees the subjects sung about from me. Also playing and recording just gives me the most liberating feeling. Whether on my own in my bedroom, or in front of a crowd, it just feels good. Also, as an artist, you can make something gorgeous however you want, and nothing else in this world can give me that. I guess that’s why I’m addicted.

Inspiration has been coming from all angles, mainly new music I discover, also life. The worlds in a state too. A scary one. That’s a good reason to write.

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

For now, the ultimate goal is to do it full time. I don’t want to think too far ahead. Just get my head down and do my best to do what I’m in love with as a profession.

I guess working on that goal is to keep doing what I’m doing. That’s things like this with you, playing gigs and making more music. Also just keeping my mind open and learning more about how the industry works.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any shows in the near future?!

Thanks for having me! The single is stand alone. No EP or Album to follow I’m afraid, but something for people to feast their ears on in the meantime, there’ll be longer releases soon.

I’m always playing shows. They are listed on all my socials, my website and on the streaming platforms that list them. All UK based and mainly in Birmingham, Southampton, and Winchester. I hope to tour the UK again this summer though.