NEW MUSIC: New-Age Jam Rock Band Revolt Coda Released Powerhouse LP “Juxtaposed”

Coming together to make jams for their listeners to relate to and enjoy is the eclectic four piece Revolt Coda. Comprised of Zac Conforti, Santino Carbonaro, Dallas Moreland and Tom Lagen, this Chicago based quartet is known for their diverse rock sound. Through expansive knowledge and classical training, the quartet has had the chance to both fine-tune their craft and develop a solid foundation for their sound. Revolt Coda was formed in 2019 and since then have released a slew of singles leading up to the much anticipated release of their debut LP, “Juxtaposed”. Just as the title insists, every track on the brand new LP is aligned perfectly with one another while remaining uniquely individual. The intro the LP is an upbeat and contemporary track titled “All Around”. The high energy and groovy sound arrangements give an awesome push to the beginning of “Juxtaposed” as the vibrant piano paints a picture for what’s to come. 

Previously featured on BuzzMusic, we dive into “Life Goes On”, a hit single off of “Juxtaposed”. The reggae inspired track weaves the listener through the diversity of Revolt Coda’s limitless talent. “Sorry, Not Sorry” boasts more blues undertones and funky guitar riffs. The pummeling vocals recite brutally honest lyricism. A track about giving up on someone who’s too hard to please, Revolt Coda is able to keep their sound light-hearted and ironic. As we transition into “Gypsy Eyes” we’re blessed with serenading keys that come through the speakers so soft and beautifully it could make you cry. When the howling, ravenous guitar is introduced I was blown away. Revolt Coda is always finding new ways to craft their individual sound. 

“Slugggggs” provides the listener with an extended musical experience. Featuring no vocals, “Slugggggs” boasts Revolt Coda’s chemistry as a group, how they can come together and create sound arrangements with soul and meaning, without using any words. As the LP transitions into “Cool Breeze”, the haunting and echoing tones provide exactly what the title insist. A slower ballad, “Cool Breeze” takes a more serious turn with elements of raw lyricism and vulnerability. “Cool Breeze” is more proof of Revolt Coda’s love the jam. The new-age rock band has their foot on the gas and is showing no signs of slowing down. “Del Chonko’s Phunk Phactory” is everything we could ever want from Revolt Coda and more. Laced with the funkiest noise we’ve heard throughout “Juxtaposed”. The song gives off an old school funk vibe, while still keeping things psychedelic and modern. It’s hypnotizing rhythm keeps your interest, while the earthquaking guitar tells a lyricless story. The guitar chords are spectacular throughout, the drumming is precise with hard hitting high hats and funk of the highest magnitude. “She Devil” is a track that Revolt Coda released earlier this year as the second single off of the LP and it’s not hard to see why. Intoxicating and alluring, “She Devil” is laced with Revolt Coda’s well known pummeling guitar and hard-hitting drums. It’s another retrospective track that allows us to experience the process of putting emotion, heart and soul into songwriting. From the aether and vocals to the thunderous bass and mesmerizing keys, it’s no wonder “She Devil” has had so much success already. A slower jam, “Hold On” sets the bar high for lyrically rich tracks. The pleading question repeated in the superior chorus “How do you Hold On to it?” refers to the weight of the world, sanity, sobriety and whatever else is weighing you down. Revolt Coda curated a track that many people dealing with struggle in their life can relate to. I’d love to hear more on their interpretation and inspiration behind this track. Funky orchestral keys and contagious solos bend a melancholic track into a soothing and empowering motif. 

The LP takes a hard 180 and introduces the funky, jazzy sounds of “Whisker Pepperfield” to bring the energy back up. The soul that exudes from a track like “Whisker Pepperfield” is the type of soul that needs to be seen in person. I would love to be in a crowd at a Revolt Coda show just escaping my mind and losing myself to the psychedelic and inspiring sounds these guys create. With quirky melodies and a rhythm section throwing down tight grooves it’s hard to believe the band is only four guys. Keeping up with the heavier side of Revolt Coda, we transition into “Tonight” for a hard-hitting and danceable track. I love the experimental and raspier vocals. This track is easy to belt out, jam along to, or blast with the windows down. “Juxtaposed” is the name title single on the LP and it provides to perfect conclusion to a killer album. Mellow and funky, “Juxtaposed” concludes the album with nothing less than excellence. The blood, sweat and tears that metaphorically (or literally) went into the making of this album are evident through the flawless delivery of every single track. High energy and consistent from beginning to end, “Juxtaposed” is a straight ear-gasm of musical brilliance. From groovy piano solos, to reggae infused riffs, “Juxtaposed” takes the listener on a refreshing rock journey. Easily relatable and pure, the album is a spectacular step in the right direction for Revolt Coda. Forming stronger bonds and connections with their fans through their undeniable talent and authenticity, I highly recommend you check it out from beginning to end. Stay on the lookout for Revolt Coda!

Listen to the LP “Juxtaposed” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey guys! Welcome and congratulations on the release of “Juxtaposed”!! What would you say is the overall theme of this LP?

First off, thanks so much for showing interest and appreciating what we are doing! This is Zac and Rhyno and we are super stoked to have released this LP and to be talking with you guys.

The overall theme of this album originally was to express the contrast between what we have written and recorded in the past and what we are doing now. Our attitude and lyrics are still there but musically we’ve evolved as most bands do over spans of time before even releasing our first full-length. Lyrically the theme of these songs generally have to do with the city life - what we observe, experience, and struggle with at this period of our lives. Parties, alcoholism, sex drugs rock and roll, going to live shows as often as possible and people watching while getting lost in what drives us: the music.

What are your personal favorite tracks on the album?

When asking an artist what his/her/their favorite tracks are on an album, you can’t expect them to choose one or two. They are obviously not putting enough love into their tracks if they can. Having said that we love our instrumental tracks because they give us the opportunity onstage to really groove with each other. Even on our lyrical tracks we always find time to get into a lengthy groove and really just share the fun we have onstage with our fans in the crowd.

In the track “Hold On”, you dive into some heavy subject matter, can you shed more light on the meaning behind the lyrics?

Hold on has to do with the realization that one has a problem with booze or drugs and the struggle he or she goes through when trying so hard to get their shit together but failing

Let’s talk about the writing process for the LP “Juxtaposed! It must feel amazing to have it released. Can you talk about some challenges you faced while creating it?

The process was awesome. We always have fun with each other and Amery over at Gravel Road Recordings. Really any problems we had were just minor things with song arrangements or fills here and there that really add life to the songs

Can we expect some more tour dates from you guys?

We have some Chicago dates lined up. But we’re looking to come out to California around Christmas time. 


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