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New Music: "Now You Know," With A.Romeo

Canadian artist A.Romeo is your modern-day singer, songwriter, rapper, mixer, and producer. As an independent artist, A.Romeo prefers to motivate himself with the thought of future success, having pure belief in his motivated mindset. With music always being A.Romeo's number one hobby, he's always viewed it as an outlet for him to express himself and encourage his listeners to do the same.

The latest offering from A.Romeo includes his single, titled "Now You Know." The song outlines the life of A.Romeo, allowing listeners to take a real, deep look into his eyes. A Romeo shares thoughtful advice and wisdom throughout "Now You Know," as well as personal anecdotes that have a ton of meaning to extract from.

The rhythm of the track sets up the narrative well, and once A.Romeo begins his rap delivery, we become almost perplexed by the intensity behind the lyrics. It's clear that A.Romeo has a lot to say, and our ears are absolutely fixated on each and every line he delivers. Listeners get to understand A.Romeo in a new way by venturing alongside him and his life story.

"Now You Know" is hands-down a track full of thought-provoking lyricism that very well may change your perspective on your own life. A.Romeo, all we have to say is that we're waiting for more of your personal insight in whichever music you plan on releasing next.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, A.Romeo. What a powerful song "Now You Know" was. How did you feel once the song was finally released?

Thank you very much! When " Now you know" was released, I felt like it was the beginning of my accomplishment as I made this song to help people who go through the same pains I went through and to remind them that they are not alone, we are all worthy, and that all it takes to move forward in life is breaking the chains (guilts, hate, pain, insecurities, betrayal, etc), that hold us back in the Limbo and distract us from seeing the positive aspect of LIFE. There were definitely very personal lines delivered within "Now You Know." Was it difficult to share such vulnerable aspects of your life with your listeners?

No, it wasn't difficult, because I am a very honest person and I would like the world to know me for who I am, not for what I pretend to be. I do not pretend and I hate fake. If there was one takeaway message that each and every listener extracted from "Now You Know," which were you hoping it would be? The message I would definitely give to my listeners is: Move wisely, Trust few, and Never give up. The end of "Now You Know" proved that your sights are set on success and nothing less. How do you plan on continuing the legacy of your music now that "Now You Know" is released?

I will keep on releasing more music, and keep pushing myself until I am among the bests.

What's next for you?

Since I have recently released my new Album called "Phase One," before jumping to another one, I am planning to make music videos for most of the songs I already have in the album,

to help listeners know me better and to properly express how I feel in every song I have made. I know a buddy, who is very patient, humble, not greedy, and who does good video/Photo shootings too, he made my first video of my song "Just smile" that you can find on my Youtube Channel here. I am definitely working with him again for my next videos. Holla at him on Instagram too if anyone is interested.


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