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NEW MUSIC: Panama Dreams Drop “Pale Blue”

Formed in Yonkers, New York, Panama Dreams is well known for their ability to fuse musical genres flawlessly and effortlessly. Staying true to their New York grit, Panama Dreams’ songs are delivered with a deliberate and hard hitting passion and presence that is much needed in today’s current industry. With massive success of their previous single “Dreaming Out” Panama Dreams releases, “Pale Blue”, an eclectic and finely-calibrated nest step. Alternative rock guitar riffs matched with precise drums and astounding vocals will have this track rising to the top! I can feel the emotionally-rich lyrics coming through my speakers.

Panama Dreams’ lyricism is something to be admired. They are lyrics that make send you into deep contemplation, while the music is a head-nodding rock anthem that’s easy to vibe to. The song gives an almost primal and intoxicating feeling. Panama Dreams stay true to their rugged upbringing and create music that’s cleansing to the mind and soul. Ground breaking hooks and profound imagery within the soul-filled track “Pale Blue” with have you playing it on repeat. I highly recommend you check out this track and keep up with Panama Dreams and their unique and awakening sound.

Listen to "Pale Blue" here and get to know more about Panama Dreams below!

Welcome back Panama Dreams! Can you tell our readers more about the creation of your new song “Pale Blue”?

Thanks for having me! Yes, Pale Blue is one of the earliest songs from this batch of recordings. I had the chord progression down really early on. I remember playing tons of open mics in Brooklyn with this song. It's sort of how I molded and refined it.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics?

You know after I wrote the song it sort of morphed and took on a new meaning. I think initially it was me coping with some sort of existential dread. But now in hindsight It was me just feeling bogged down by all the external pressure of life. I wanted to be free. Free from other peoples expectations. Free from societies expectations. Just me working through my own hang ups you know? I think it’s a pretty common emotion. 

What inspired you to write this song?

Inspired me? I’m not too sure for this one. It just poured out. Sometimes the creative valve is open, and other times it’s sealed shut. When it’s open I try and serve it well and get it all out before I run dry.

Who are you top three musical influences?

Hmmm. Let’s say, Neil Young, Jim Morrison, and “Mississippi” Fred McDowell. 

But we have to put Tom Petty in there! Love Tom.

Does a new single mean a full EP in the future?

Yes it does. In fact a full LP. I have a few more singles coming out. Then I’m going to drop the LP “Forever Unknown” which will feature and unreleased bonus track.


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