NEW MUSIC RADAR: Cash Burner 5000 Releases Dope Track “Running Up A Check”

Roselle, New Jersey rapper, lyricist and hip-hop artist Cash Burner 5000 is reality rap at its finest. Cash Burner 5000 incorporates storytelling elements into his music by talking about his real life experiences. The times he struggles and speaking on the conditions he deals with as a black man in America. He fuses all of these relatable elements together to become the artist to watch.

Cash Burner 5000’s dope new track “Running Up A Check” is an awakening blend of genres to create a chill hip-hop track. It’s grandiose, intricate, and spectacularly ferocious. I can’t get enough of the hard vibe and addicting beat. I love the echoing R&B track fused with the hard-hitting back beat. It’s evident that this was created by an experienced mixing engineer with an ear for modern beats. The sound design and attention to detail are admirable. Cash Burner 5000 launches in the music scene with transcendent beats and clear and deliberate power and emotion behind it. The expansive lyrics on the track are proof that Cash Burner 5000 hustles hard and spends his hard earned money on good times only. “Running Up A Check” is all about indulgence in the good life, without losing the youthful energy. I can’t wait to see what’s next for  Cash Burner 5000. Stay on the lookout!

Listen to “Running Up A Check” here and get to know more about Cash Burner 5000 below!

Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Cash Burner 5000 I’m from Roselle New Jersey and I’m rapper / singer songwriter.

Can you tell us about your track Running Up A Check?

Running Up A Check is the Frist Single from Roselle 07203 Its produced by DJ Doughboy.

Its high energy fun record for the people to enjoy. We are running it like Jesse Owens. Salute

What got you into music?

The streets I was making bad choices and running around reckless. I had a bad situation which got me caught up like I’m in college and I’m doing drug runs making money and I’m messing around with girls who don’t have my best interest at heart. So, after what happened to me happen my best friend Danny Alves suggested after being laid up for month to do music. He took me from Jersey to Staten Island and I learned how to make music.

Who are your top three biggest inspirations when it comes to your sound.

DJ Doughboy he awesome he produced by my whole album sharpened my flow in pocket on Production he created the sound. I draw from 50 cent not sure why, but people have said they see him in me. I’m not tripping your comparing to a guy who sold over 20 million records I’m fine with that. Rick Ross, I like the lush storytelling beats and I feel like Roselle 07203 07203 Part 3 and Stay Strong those sounds from me I feel like Ross would have rapped on.

Can you name some challenges you’ve had to overcome in your career thus far?

I feel like being from New Jersey. Jersey has some of the best artists, but we are overlooked at times. I know I have put out 5 independent projects and have been overlooked. Broken promises from people who could have helped me I don’t really don’t talk about it I keep working and pushing.


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