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NEW MUSIC RADAR: ForeverAlways Releases Dope Track “Back To LA”

ForeverAlways is an incredible audio engineer from London Ontario, Canada. He attends Fanshawe College for the Musical Industrial Arts program. He specializes in creating unique arrangements and bringing back vibes that no other mainstream genre can deliver.

ForeverAlways dope new track “Back To LA” is an awakening blend of genres to create a chill hip-hop track. It’s grandiose, intricate, and spectacularly ferocious. I can’t get enough of the mellow vibe and addicting beat. I love the echoing synths that lead up to the light drums throughout. It’s evident that this was created by an experienced mixing engineer with an ear for modern beats. The sound design and attention to detail are admirable. ForeverAlways launches in the music scene with transcendent beats and clear and deliberate power and emotion behind it. The expansive lyrics on the track are proof that ForeverAlways has the highest quality rappers working alongside him. “Back To LA” is a unique mix of open heartedness and indulgence in the good life, without losing the youthful energy. ForeverAlways strives to create music that shows vivid and clear emotion and I think that’s evident in “Back To LA”. I can’t wait to see what’s next for ForeverAlways. Stay on the lookout!

Check out "Back To LA" here, and keep scrolling for ForeverAlways exclusive interview!


Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Hello I'm TJ also know as fa_sound ForeverAlways. I started making music in 2016 flew out from Alberta to Ontario for ever ways in music for myself . I write songs, produce, engineer and master my stuff on my own. I currently live in London Ontario. Attending school for musical arts ”MIA”. It's pretty damn interesting!

What got you into making music?

My brother got me into making music. and I've always want to entertain people doing something. And music accidentally came as that source. However I believe everything isn't accidentally cuz I love this music life I'm living.

Who are your top three biggest inspirations when it comes to your sound?

I would say Snow Patroll , wyclif, PND, Drake, frank ocean etc.

Can you name some challenges you’ve had to overcome in your career thus far?

Leaving home to chase your dreams is a big challenge cause its you stepping out of your comfort zone. Living alone is also a challenge cause you have a priority to pay bill and etc and the Important is making time to grind on music. I overcome this challenges by believing in myself, That's the important step and making music by watching tutorial and putting aside the Partying. Placing the right people around you is vital cuz two heads are better than one. I also learn not to rely on people tooo much and just do it myself!

What’s the music scene like for an audio engineer trying to find talented rappers in Ontario, Canada?

Its kinda fun and stressful cuz not every knows how to record themselves or knows how to use the mic to record and get comfortable with the mic. I believe as an artist its important. As for finding talent I'm ”verrrry picky” cuz I'm always looking for a distinct character from an artist! 'Cuz I know myself and I get bored very easily with decent music.


Be sure to check out ForeverAlways on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates on releases!


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