New Music Radar: JKXO Drops Genre-Bending Hit “R!DE”

JKXO is a Pittsburgh born, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, and producer blending his authentic soundscapes to paint a picture of love in a digital world. His diverse upbringing allows him to have an increasingly admirable outlook on the world and music. JKXO’s “SEASON 1 EP” holds themes of relationships and how they are affected by life in the 2020’s.

Stylishly blending elements of synth-wave pop, indie R&B, and NuDisco soul, JKXO has managed to lead with both an impressive production style and a brilliantly heartfelt, softly soulful brand of songwriting. “R!DE” quite beautifully underlines the mood implied by its title and artwork. Smooth and creative set-ups accompany deeply emotional lyrics and an equally passionate array of performances, showcasing an artist undoubtedly connected to the moment.

A warm and entrancing beat joins forces with a delicate, dreamlike array of synths and some organic elements to keep a sense of realness. JKXO provides a gorgeously poetic outpouring of ideas and revelations that are intimate and honest. “R!DE” is a really beautiful piece of work, an easy project to lose yourself in. The details and the underlying intentions unite flawlessly. 

Listen to “R!DE” here and read more with JKXO below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic JKXO! Your latest single "R!DE" is incredibly electrifying and fast-paced! The energy that pours off from the song is incredible! How did the overall production of the track go?! Was it fairly easy to maintain this energy throughout the recording process?

I tried to keep the whole writing and production process as effortless as possible. I just went with what felt right and never second-guessed anything. I've been working on my whole upcoming project for about 2 years, but this song was done in about a week. So what you're hearing is that care-free energy, just letting go and making something that moves.

"R!DE" encompasses such vital elements. What was the main inspiration behind the track? 

Everything I've lived through. I'm never thinking about any specific thing when I'm working on these songs...but I know all my experiences, thoughts, beliefs, skills just flow out naturally when I work on something like this.

Can you describe how the music scene in Los Angeles is aiding in your development as an artist?

LA is the music capital of the world. Just being here changes everything. The Bay area will always feel like home to me but I can't deny that LA is where you have to be for music. It's just like riding the biggest wave.

What are some of your ultimate goals as an artist? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

Just making great art. My "SEASON 1" EP comes out early 2020 and I'm so excited to share it with the world. It's all coming together.

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about "R!DE" and yourself as an artist! What's the next big thing for you artistically?

Just going to keep creating. This song was the first episode of my "SEASON 1" EP. I'll have the next episodes dropping in the next couple of months. Then the whole season will come out early 2020.