NEW MUSIC RADAR: KTM Tino Releases "Memphis Flow"

American hip/hop artist KTM Tino is the next artist up on our hip/hop radar. KTM Tino produces tracks that possess such a vibrancy to them, we feel as if we're pulsing with energy when playing his creations. KTM Tino has been passionate about almost anything he pursued in life, and there's no exception for when he begun curating music. KTM Tino makes curating verses effortless--the kind of flow he adopts in his music produces some serious heat. We're obsessing over the new album "Tino Turn That Heat Up" and we're hyped to introduce our favorite track on said album: "Memphis Flow". 

"Memphis Flow" has a hype that is undeniably addicting. Seriously - we've already played the track at least five times now this morning. A great work out or party track that will definitely make it to those energetic playlists. KTM Tino has a certain type of confidence in "Memphis Flow" that can't be fabricated. We feel the surging energy through the track, and appreciate that kind of flow KTM Tino provides. Without a doubt we can say that KTM Tino's production is completely error-free. The tracks programming is spot on, and we feel that "Memphis Flow" resonates with the rap/hip-hop music scene well. KTM Tino is creating music meant for that feel-good vibe. KTM Tino is projecting good vibes off of "Memphis Flow", and it's easily felt from a listeners point of view. Hard-hitting dynamic vocals on KTM Tino's part set the track apart from others we've recently heard. We're hyped, feeling eccentric and a little (a lot) bada** when listening to "Memphis Flow". 

Check out KTM Tino's "Memphis Flow" here, and keep scrolling.


Hey KTM Tino! Tell our readers a bit about yourself as an artist!

KTM Tino is just a man from North Mississippi who won’t let you forget it. I recorded my first single inside of a closet and now I’m just working hard to further build my platform and image. 

How did you first know the rap/hip-hop scene was for you? 

I knew I wanted to pursue music before I entered my teenage years. However, I realized hip-hop was my lane when me and a few friends of mine couldn’t stop getting in trouble in middle school for beating on the lunch table and free styling. I was also motivated even more by seeing other artists come from the same area I’m from with similar circumstances as mine be able to make a living and provide for their families by simply expressing themselves through their music. From that moment on, I instantly knew pursuing a rap career was for me. 

What inspired you to write "Memphis Flow"? How did you find the creative process for this track?

My producer, Ace Charisma, inspired me to write “Memphis Flow”. Even though I’m not from Memphis, because I live so close to the city I am naturally influenced by that raw Memphis sound. Ace produced the song and from the moment I heard it, it lead me to copying Project Pat’s flow on the chorus. It was a smooth process because like all good music, it starts with a great producer and the beat for “Memphis Flow” just spoke to me. 

What's the most important message you're trying to communicate to your listeners in "Memphis Flow"?

Memphis Flow is all about paying homage to those who paved a way for people like me. Without them I wouldn’t be here. 

What can we expect to see next from you as an artist?

I will be releasing a new project real soon. I’ve been working hard to perfect my sound. My fans should expect a vast majority of growth and range in the songs. Although I haven’t named the project yet, I will be collaborating with a few other well-known artists and producers for this project so stay tuned.