NEW MUSIC RADAR: LAYLA Replenishes Our Energy With "Top of The Morning"

Layla Haskell is a young, independent pop artist who is making huge waves with her new music! Layla is the type of artist who will have you feeling amicable in seconds, upon hearing her music. Her voice is undeniably cheerful, containing that kind of positivity you can't possibly manifest without genuinely having it yourself! Layla Haskell is an impressive artist, and although a relatively new pop artist making her way through the category, Layla is able to successfully refresh her listeners through the lively execution of her music!

The joyful and alluring vibe that Layla is able to curate in "Top of The Morning" is almost whimsical! We're all here for the innocence of Layla's voice, and the pure tone she maintains throughout the entire track. "Top of The Morning" catches your attention fully based off of the presence of Layla, and the environment she is able to establish for her listeners. We felt absolutely care-free when listening to her track, and instantly knew this is the type of track we expect to see on all of our pop radio stations! Layla has that pop artist character, and her music showcases the utmost jubilant vocal execution on Layla's part. Produced by Darren Martyn, "Top of The Morning" is fun, eccentric, and incredibly buoyant! One of our favorite pop songs of the week, Layla Haskell's "Top of The Morning" is already on our Spotify playlist, and it's time for it to be on yours!

Discover LAYLA's "Top of The Morning" here, and keep reading for her exclusive interview!