NEW MUSIC RADAR: Out Now, Jamie Alimorad’s Brand New Album “This Is Tomorrow Calling”

Jamie Alimorad is a talented, educated, and uplifting artist hailing from Boston’s underground music circuit. After graduating from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology, Jamie began releasing music into the Boston indie scene. His first two albums, “Cornerstone” and “Words Left Unsaid” garnered much attention all over the country and allowed Jaimie to partake in his first-ever nationwide tour. The gifted artist focuses on spreading his genre-bending sound to the world while managing to keep up the theme of emerging from his cocoon as a well-rounded musician, songwriter, and vocalist. 

Jamie’s much-anticipated new album, “This Is Tomorrow Calling”, is a ten-track full-length project with two successful singles already. The intro track “Brighter Days” is one of Alimorad’s most-streamed tracks on Spotify. The contagious pop track is epically cinematic and explosive. It’s no surprise that this single garnered such an attraction from listeners worldwide. Jamie’s uplifting lyrics, empowering hook, and flawless musicianship take center stage to impress and awe as an intro to his new album. 

“Not Just Another Pretty Face” begins with a bouncing piano riff and quickly erupts into a jazz-inspired cafe lounge vibe. The lyrics detail the intricate beauty of a female that Jamie values for more than the way she looks. The instrumentation is all the more spectacular with each individual listen, a definite early highlight in “This Is Tomorrow Calling”. “Down On Golden Shores” slows down the pace of the album tremendously we hear a slight change of genre once again. Jamie Alimorad gets vulnerable and raw with his lyricism. He meanders through the motions of the music with an admirable simplicity that’s easily accessible for all listeners. Another highlight on the album “This Is Tomorrow Calling” is another previously released single “Not Ready To Say Goodbye”. This track is a pleasant fusion of dance-pop with a Latin-inspired flair. "Not Ready To Say Goodbye" earning a 2019 Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination for Best Vocal (Male).

“I Am Home” brings the listener back to a slow, beautiful and simplistic pace. A simple acoustic riff and Jamie’s Alimorad’s vocals demand attention throughout this song. The uplifting love song “I Am Home” details how Jamie’s lover is the epitome of being home and comfortable. “Rock Me To Heaven” is another classic hit, delivered with a smooth passion. You can really hear the soul in Jamie’s voice. He’s put his heart into each one of these tracks, especially this emotional intense single. Next up on the album, “Lucky Me” brings back the confident and groovy swagger to Jamie's sound. He sings about how grateful he is to be living in this world with the woman he loves, but the quirky lyricism takes a twist when Jamie says “The two best days of my life, one was finding her, the second one was losing her… Lucky Me”. It’s about overcoming tough situations and coming out brighter and better than ever. 

“How Could I Love Again?” is a gorgeously stripped-down piano ballad. We get another glimpse of Jamie Alimorad’s vulnerability and truly impeccable vocal range. The introspective track allows the listener to relate and take another look at their own outlooks on love. As the album “This Is Tomorrow Calling” approaches the conclusion, “A Moment Is All I Ask” brings us more delightfully beautiful contemplation from Jamie Alimorad. Whether this track is about a love lost, or someone close that no other with us, it’s easy to relate to too. Jamie completely captivates with his soft, hypnotizing vocals. Halfway through, “A Moment Is All I Ask” takes on a fuller soundscape, staying true to the cinematic, heart-warming theme of the overall album. The concluding track, and another brilliant ballad to take us through to the end, “Nights In The Back Bay” takes on a naturally pop-swing that Jamie Alimorad is best known for. Completely capturing the sentiments of the album and juxtaposed perfectly as the last track, it’s epically uplifting and satisfying. 

Teaming up with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and producer Gino Vannelli, and Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Ross Vannelli, the trio have crafted a collection of vocal-centric pop music on this new project “This Is Tomorrow Calling”. We love every bit of this 10-track release. It’s absolutely worth the time to listen through, we can’t wait to hear more from Jamie Alimorad! 

Listen to “This Is Tomorrow Calling” here and read more with Jamie Alimorad below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jamie Alimorad! We're completely captivated by your sound--you have such a strong and warming presence throughout your tracks. Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent album This Is Tomorrow Calling?!

Thanks so much for having me again! I'm excited to share This Is Tomorrow Calling with the world! This album has been the biggest undertaking of my life so far. I've gone through a complete transformation, not only as an artist, songwriter, and singer, but I also went through a metamorphosis as a person. This album would not be what it is without my producer, Gino Vannelli. Working with him was a dream come true, and he pulled things out of me I didn't know I was capable of. He pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, at times I didn't know where I was. It's amazing what happens when you're there. I found myself searching, and the more I searched, the less I would find. When I let things go, things would come to me. What I thought would be another pop/rock record, the next logical evolution from my previous album Words Left Unsaid, became something much more expansive and interesting.

You've had such a strong love and passion for music! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

I grew up, and I grew into myself. I stopped chasing, and I started embracing. I struggled so hard at the beginning of this album. Whatever I demoed Gino would say it's okay, at best. When I finally hit on something, and we got it down, the lightbulb went off, and the rest of the album flowed. Lyrics are much deeper and more interesting on This Is Tomorrow Calling than my previous albums, and harmonically I'm exploring things that I had barely scratched the surface before.

“Brighter Days” is the perfect track to open up your recent album. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

I was talking with a close friend over dinner. We shared a lot of deep conversation about life, the world, philosophy, perspective, things that weave together constantly, but you don't really think about. I also found it enlightening and inspiring. Typically she is not very open, but that day something made her open up. I was really floored by the things she told me. Struggle that I had no idea existed. Her words, and feelings stayed with me, and I started writing. "Brighter Days" is a message of hope and love for her. I feel really blessed to be working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to raise funds for mental health and suicide awareness with this song. You can purchase "Brighter Days" t-shirts at

Many of the tracks on the album are intensely emotional. What track on your new project do you think forced you to channel to most emotions? Why?

When I began writing and recording demos for the album, I was going in with the mentality of writing songs. I had no theming. The songs that came out worked really well with what I had been doing on previous releases, but I was feeling unfulfilled by them. Slowly I started writing material I felt confident in, and Gino liked what he heard, but when it came time for pre-production, his feelings had changed drastically. He felt it was all too vanilla, and boyish. He wanted me to step into the man I was growing into. I didn't know what to do. That's where the real story begins. He told me to turn over every stone in my soul. Look for the unexpected, and uncover what you may be hiding. When I confronted a lot of emotions that I had buried, that's when the music started to flow. Everything on this album is deeply personal. It explores, what I consider, the second coming of age, and self-realization.

Two tracks on the album really brought out the most within me; "Down On Golden Shores" and "Nights In The Back Bay". Golden Shores is about some of my high school friends and I, and this patch of beach where we would hang out, and talk about the future. College was right around the corner and things were changing fast. As summers came and went, we'd still go there, but every year it seemed one less person would be part of the group until I was the last one. It's like watching your childhood fade away, and to think about what happened to some of my friends broke my heart. I wrote the song to them. All the things that I never got to say, and feelings that I was surprised still gripped my perspective.

"Nights In The Back Bay" is a song about Boston. I'm a proud alumnus of Northeastern University, and Boston really shaped me as a person. For years I wanted to write a song about the city, and I had that title since my sophomore year. I didn't know how to properly capture the city until after a particular visit where I visited the old hangouts and caught a Red Sox game. The song came immediately. The excitement of going off to college had a fire burning in me that I hadn't had since I graduated. The fire returned when I began work on This Is Tomorrow Calling because I finally felt I was doing what I was meant to do.

What's the next move for you artistically? Are you playing any shows in the near future to promote This Is Tomorrow Calling?

Artistically, and creatively, I'm always looking for what comes next. I want to write with some new people, and explore what I did with the Vannelli's even further. I'm absolutely BEAMING with excitement that on Saturday, October 12th, I'm playing the Saban Theatre (Beverly Hills, CA) with Gino Vannelli! I can't properly describe what that means to me. It will be my first show after the album releases, and to play that theater with him is the ultimate. I never dreamed of that. Tickets are still available at Eventbrite, but they're going fast!

I'm beginning to look at 2020 dates, and hope to be performing in a lot of new, and familiar, places. Stay tuned to for announcements, and follow @jamiealimorad on Instagram.

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