NEW MUSIC RADAR: Phill Ortiz’ New Single “For The Town”

Phill Ortiz is a gifted rap/hip-hop artist from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a neighborhood full of struggle, yet good memories, Phill Ortiz thrives off of his past experiences. His creative flare and spectacular flow can be credited to his upbringing and pure ambition. After losing his father not long ago, “Loud Mouth” is the first project Ortiz has released since his traumatic year.

“For The Town” is a powerful single featured in “Loud Mouth”. Upbeat tempos fused with catchy bars will have you blasting this track on repeat. Phill Ortiz spits bar after bar of raw and contagious energy. Producer Ray Jamel expertly creates music to match Phill’s unique style. “For The Town” is a track full of impressive surprises. First being the explosive and high energy intro where Phill drops a consistent and flawless verse over a catchy head nodding backbeat. Secondly, when the music fades out periodically through the first verse it’s hypnotizing when mixed with just his solo voice. Thirdly, half-way through the song the theme totally changing, the rhythm slows down and the entire aesthetic of the song is altered. Steady and alluring tempo, heavy bass and Phill Ortiz delivering his very impressive work. As a lyricist, Phill Ortiz boasts an abstract skill of allowing his listeners to interpret his music however they can. “For The Town” is proof of this though it’s many layers and changes. I highly recommend you add it to your summer bangers playlist and stay on the lookout for Phill Ortiz.

Check out “For The Town” here and keep scrolling for an exclusive interview!

Hi Phillip! How did you first get into music at a young age?

I always liked music but in my younger days I felt that I just didn’t have it in me. Before I started actually rapping I was the beatboxer for other rappers. I would see them rap “from off the top” which we would say. Off the top is when a rapper raps without memorizing something that they wrote. That alone had me scratching my head and was asking how were they able to do that. At the age of 12 in my writing class in junior high school I wrote my first rap titled “Fame”. My aunt gave me a five star red notebook. And that book became my first rap testament. After the fame rap everyday,every hour I would write. It go to the point where three months from that time I started freestyling from there the rest is history.

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics in “For The Town”?

In the first part I feel like I’m on top of the world. Which you hear in the emotion and the way I’m delivering the lyrics. When I write I let my lyrics do more of the deliverance of my emotions as well as how say it. Prior to releasing this project the year before was a complete roller coaster for me. So In the first part it’s how I felt when I was under the influence or around people when I wasn’t alone. And in the second half it’s me having a reflection to myself about what I’m doing and how I’m doing to handle my problems. There are times I feel like if I didn’t have my sister here or had a sister I would have self destructed in my life. But the fact that I do have my little sister she keeps me strong and moving forward. 

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences are Big Pun because at a time where Puerto Rican’s wasn’t really accepted in hip hop. He came in the industry and made a huge mark not only for himself and our people as well. Then we got Biggie, Tupac, Phill Collins, James brown, Marc Anthony  and the list goes on. 

How do you feed your passion for music daily?

I’m constantly working if I’m not writing I’m hearing beats. If I’m not hearing beats I’m thinking about other concepts for future projects. Or other promotional ways that I can increase my fan base. I always make sure that I surround myself with music, Just so that I can constantly keep thinking about the next move.

After this project “Loud Mouth”, what can we expect from you in the future?

You can definitely expect more music from me and my team. I had put out this project just so that I had new music to promote. But besides this project I’m currently working on my first actual album. Besides new music you can definitely be on the look out for visuals as well as merchandise coming real soon. 

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Twitter: @phillortiz94