NEW MUSIC RADAR: Reno Reagan Just Dropped Him Debut EP “Blaq”

Reno Reagan discovered his passion for music at an impressively young age. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Reno Reagan took his love for hip-hop and began booking major dj’ing gigs by the time he was 15 years old! By the age of 16, he was mastering his craft of producing as well as working towards being a recording artist himself. Since relocating to Los Angeles, California, Reno Reagan has worked with a diverse group of legendary artists. He recently released his debut EP “Blaq”, available wherever you stream your music!

On Me” is the introduction track on Reno Reagan’s new EP “Blaq” and makes for a strong starting point if you’re new to his music. While the lyrics feel notably rooted in the drive and confidence of modern rap, the music, and Reno Reagan’s vocals add a unique authenticity. “On Me” is hip hop with a certain identity and difference to it. It’s an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. Reno Reagan drives with a simple lust for life with catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism, and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cement Reno Reagan’s sound and approach as an artist. “On Me” is a song that connects a little more strongly with every few moments that pass by, and with each repeated listen. While that initial quirk of the concept and the hook, is the first to grab you, the song goes on to lead with a notably energizing beat, a heavy vibe, great rhythm, and something more of an alternative, late-night aura than anything purely designed for the pop world. Well worth a few listens!

Listen to “On Me ” here and read more with Reno Reagan’s below.

Hey there Reno Reagan! Thanks for showcasing your music here on BuzzMusic! Can you share with our readers the challenges behind releasing your debut project “Blaq”?

I literally was born into music. My mother was a famous blues singer, who would sing and play music every day in every room of our home. I learned how to play the piano by ear at 6. Then I picked up the guitar at 12. But with the lifestyle the streets lay out for you, its hard to stay focused on art when you have to worry about survival. Rap music allowed me to do both.

“On Me” was an incredible intro track! Where did the inspiration for this track come from? Were your emotions driven by personal experience?

This project, "BLAQ" represents the beginning, being that all things in existence came from the darkness (BLAQ). This is the beginning of my journey as an artist. My coming through the darkness of all creation.

How do you imagine your listeners feel when listening to “On Me”? What’s the intended goal for your listening base?

I really want my listeners to feel this project. To be able to relate to it, as well as take away from the insight they didn't have before.

Can you explain how your music stands out from others? What is the most integral element of your music, specifically? 

It's in my blood. It's art. Never dies. Only gets better with age...

Thanks again Undead Papi for featuring “On Me” here on BuzzMusic! Do you have any upcoming shows to gain traction for the track?

Currently, I'm further expanding my lane as an artist. I'm looking to book shows and get as much exposure as possible!! My full-length album in the works as well. Stay tuned...

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