ZTAR MAGIC is an R&B/hip-hop artist that's using all of his artistic abilities to curate music that is smooth, collected, and showcases a variety of tones. What makes ZTAR MAGIC unique is his ability to rap whatever comes to his mind, which unveils a true sense of authenticity within his tracks. What separates ZTAR MAGIC from other artists in the category is his eclectic take on crazy genres you wouldn't expect to see paired with Hip/Hop, or even contemporary R&B. We're stoked to announce the newest release from ZTAR MAGIC, and we've already added the track to our Spotify playlist!

ZTAR MAGIC has recently released his stellar track, "ZKIN", and we're feeling really confident showcasing this one to the BuzzMusic alternative R&B/hip-hop community. "ZKIN" is really akin to the type of modern and contemporary tracks we're seeing make it to the music scene these days. With the most lightest elements of punk rock incorporated into the production, we're absolutely taken aback by the talent of ZTAR MAGIC. The heavy-hitting lyrical production is not one to miss either, combined with ZTAR MAGIC's intense and robust vocal delivery. The programming of the track "ZKIN" is insane, and incorporates a wicked beat that's steadily held throughout the track. We're addicted to the blend of music ZTAR MAGICis able to curate, especially so with "ZKIN", making him an artist to keep our eyes peeled on for sure!

Check out "ZKIN" here, and keep on reading for ZTAR MAGIC's interview with BuzzMusic!

Hey ZTAR MAGIC! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Let’s talk about your upbringing! Before discovering music, did you have any other hobbies for yourself?

I’m born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, before music I received a scholarship to play baseball at the College of Southern Nevada.  After, I soon got my degree at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in Communications.  I don’t really have hobbies anymore, my hobby became my profession.  

What's the most rewarding experience you've had as an artist?

The most rewarding experience I’ve had as an artist is regaining my confidence back.  Music started off as therapy for myself, it soon turned into my pleasure as I got better and worked harder on my craft, a lot of people laughed in the beginning but that’s what they are supposed to do. 

What was the main message of "ZKIN"? Did you feel that the message you integrated within the song was easily portrayed to listeners?

The focus of this song is about describing a women of different colors, meaning that, her color of skin does not matter to me, only her beauty and what she offers.  

What would be your dream venue to perform? Do you have any upcoming events we can write in our calendars?!

My dream venue is to perform at Coachella/Rolling Loud one day.  I don’t have any set dates as of right now but check out my website page to see in the future! 

What's the biggest challenge that you have faced as an artist? 

The biggest challenge I’ve faced as an artist is not being afraid to show people my music, I see a lot of artists around me who have a lot of music but is scared to drop it.  It took me months to not care what anyone thinks about my music, but I am proud to say that I surpass this stage in my career.  I would also say finding the right promotion has been the second hardest thing for me, you just don’t know which promotions are scams or not. 

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