New Music: Sally Haze - "Waiting"

Psychedelia, trance, and dream pop; these are only a few genres that are recognized in the unique song "Waiting" written by Sally Haze. From producing songs in her bedroom, to working on her studio album at Maximum Pelt Records in Chicago, Sally has taken her danceable, dream-like rhythms to the next level in a very short period of time. The EP 'The Dining Room', which contains this single, has earned Sally Haze the “Best of Bandcamp November 2019” by Uproxx, and also earned her Chicago’s “Artist of the Month” by Deli.

As the song begins, the build-up of instrumentation has listeners guessing what is about happen. The atmosphere introduced by the synth sounds like a musical mystery about to be revealed. The wait is short-lived. Drums emerge soon after, clearly letting people know that this is a get-up and dance song.  The piece continues to loop, but each time adding a new layer of instruments and ambiance that fulfills the song’s promise. Whether the instruments are acoustic or programmed on a computer, they fit together well to showcase Sally’s ability to make the listener feel like they are listening to a dream sequence. The ending changes to a new chord progression, then build up in increments, only to end with an explosive bang. It is easy to see how the song “Waiting” has earned Sally Haze nominations and awards. We can't wait to see what's in store next for this talented artist.

Listen to "Waiting" here.

Hey Sally Haze, welcome to BuzzMusic! We are more than proud to be representing your single "Waiting" off your EP 'The Dining Room'. Tell us, what is your recording process like?

Hey, thanks for having us! We like to keep it simple; our home studio is really bare bones and very private, so there are not too many nerves. The most nerve-racking thing is putting the songs out there once they're done. Dining Room was a personal project, as a whole, but also lyrically and thematically. It's always strange putting something like that into the world. But the reactions so far have been amazing, especially people's different interpretations of the songs.