NEW MUSIC: Sonic Break Comes In Heavy With Debut “Collide”

Sonic Break is an original, alt-rock act based in Vancouver, Canada. Formed in 2015 after years of songwriting, brothers Rory and Jamie Mackay joined forces with drummer Ryan Grohn and bassist Ash Shenoy to create their diverse sound. Self described as a melting pot of rock, grunge, and pop influences, the band is complemented by the rich harmony vocals of singer/songwriter and collaborator Anika MacKay. Sonic Break offers a rocking live performance with searing leads, body-moving beats, catchy melodies and memorable lyrics. 

Making their debut with hard-hitting alt-rock single “Collide”, Sonic Break is making waves with their anthemic sound. What I like about this song is that it’s something of a grower. A gentle beginning lays bare the lyrics and seems fairly familiar, but as things evolve, “Collide” rises in passion and energy! The instrumentation and the performances, across the board, build and build. The band’s leading vocalist moves from the quietness of the opening verse to the full-throttle swagger of that final hook with seemingly effortless grace. It’s not just the sound of the voice, it’s the changing expressions and the performance in general. Sonic Break do their own thing, it’s what comes naturally, and this song is one that gets better and better with each revisit. 

Check out “Collide” here and read more with Sonic Break below! 

Hey Sonic Break! Welcome to BuzzMusic. What does “Collide” represent for you?

Collide represents going through a tough time and coming out the other side of it. Life can offer some seriously trying times, whether it be circumstance, relationships, mental health or whatever, we can all overcome our hardships in our own ways and with support and hope anything is possible. "Collide" represents this possibility both for us as individuals and as a band. 

What prompted you to first start making music, and what drives you to continue?

Hearing Nirvana Unplugged for the first time prompted my brother and I (Jamie and Rory)  to buy a guitar from a garage sale the next day and we have been writing music ever since. Luckily we found our amazing drummer, Ryan Grohn way back when we were both still playing only acoustics and