New Music: Ute Is Back with Her Incredible Album “Life’s a Journey”

Ute is an incredibly talented and admirable singer/songwriter. She has worked with notable producers such as the late and great George Duke, Eric Kupper, Dieter Bohlen, and Kurt Wipfli. Ute has an impressive repertoire of music under her belt including a full-length album titled “Storyteller” released in 2018 and a collection of 10 Christmas songs titles “Christmas Joy” released in 2017. The dynamic songstress has amassed quite a following over the years through her sheer talented and vocal abilities. Ute has been performing the national anthem at American football games for over eight years and has earned herself over 1.1 million Instagram followers and almost 90,000 Spotify monthly listeners.

Kicking into gear with the blissfully light on its feet rendition of “I Will Survive”. Showcasing Ute’s skills in both musicianship and production shining brightly from the offset. This soul-soaked, organic offering directs you through a downpour of soul and emotion, leaving you feeling as if you’re the quiet stillness amidst a beautifully manic world. Ute’s cover of “Everybody Hurts” is beautiful yet gentle all at once, the united wave of the experience, the details, and layers that make it up are incredibly crisp and impressively crafted. The album “Life’s a Journey” continues to envelop you in all the right ways. A touch of emotion guides you through the rhythmic warmth of Ute’s rendition of “I’ll Stand By You”. Beautifully gentle vocals whisper the melody and these intimate lyrics as if the whole thing was written purely for you. A timeless love song that celebrates personal relationships in a classically cool and smooth way.

“The Love of My Life” features poetic and entrancing vocals that weave an easy melody in-between contemporary moments. Brilliant use of contrast that gives the song a real sense of dynamic and progression. Inspiring ideas float through amidst the beautifully enchanting soundscape. Ute’s version of “The Love Of My Life” is an easy one to love and a definite early highlight. “Naked” is a profoundly uplifting track that features a stunning performance and a notably engaging, piano ballad. Eclecticism and a certain jazz-inspired creative approach are evident and infectious. A well-placed moment of passion that’s difficult not to sing along to. 

“Music Makes Me Fly” pours through the speakers and is absolutely chilling. It’s powerful, raw and completely vulnerable through expert lyricism and breathtaking piano. The song is the most powerful on the album and coincidently the titled of Ute’s upcoming album! “Time In a Bottle” follows on and crafts a slowly rising soundscape around you that is flawlessly composed. A subtle hint of experimentation weaves its way into the mix, captivating and calming you. A confident and unique piece of music, easily inspiring once it’s crossed your path. “Running Home to You” keeps the sentiments on the album with Ute’s soulful vocals, fusing jazz-cafe and pop-ballad inspired soundscapes, and the contrast between the twinkling outer edges and that leading riff helps move things along in a beautifully rhythmic manner. Then you get the equally comforting embrace of a classic and stylish “Dream With Me”, a stunning vocal brings character and quiet confidence to Ute’s character and flawless, mellow rhythm. The track goes on to envelop the listener as the pace increases. Ute works her poetic and provocative magic upon you. The intimate, upfront nature of Ute’s voice is stunning, and despite the complex and impressive nature of the instrumentation, it takes nothing away from the natural qualities of that voice.

“Never Surrender” is a stand-out cover towards the end of “Life’s A Journey”. The pace and the hypnotic vocal rhythm draw you in from the offset and continue to surround you in a beautifully expressive manner throughout. Impeccable production, incredibly skillful and absolutely worthy of any and all praise sent through. “Stand By Me” adds a moment of jazz/soul at the perfect moment, Ute is a vocalist with a clear and natural connection to the performance. The song takes a minimalist pathway with that subtle but certain swagger and softness combined. Ute isn’t afraid to appear vulnerable in her openness, and that’s something well worth appreciating as a listener. 

There is categorically not a single moment wasted on this album. Ute selected the best of the best, and then made sure to perform, record and produce those chosen tracks to the utmost highest quality.

Discover Ute's album here, and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with the artist!


Hi Ute, welcome back to BuzzMusic! We thoroughly enjoyed your album “Life’s A Journey”. What do you hope your listeners take away from this project? How long has this been in the works?

I hope to take my listeners with me on my journey. I truly believe that everybody’s life is a kind of journey. You never know what comes around the corner. So stay curious and try to see life as a challenge.

Every track present on the album had a different kind of uniqueness to it. What was the process of selecting which songs you would cover for this project?

Well, three songs are from two movies soundtrack, the other songs we chose because of the messages, melodies, and lyrics. Since I am a singer for smooth relaxing songs, you can hear that on the album. It helps through everyday life.

If someone could only listen to one track off of “Life’s A Journey” to get a sense of who you are as an artist, which track would you suggest and why?

The song Naked is my favorite because when people sing or talk about their feelings it is kind of being naked because you talk about your emotions.

What are some challenges you faced when creating this album? How did you overcome those challenges?

 No challenges for me, because I chose the music I feel good with.