NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Cash Burner 5000 Comes Out with Music Video for "Black Music"

New Jersey Hip/Hop artist Cash Burner 5000 is here to display his inner passion and drive for meaningful music. Cash Burner 5000 uses his platform to relay pivotal messages and mindsets to listeners, and his recent music release doesn't stray the furthest bit away from that.

Already having five albums under his belt, Cash Burner 5000 has a strong sense of motivation and doesn't have any issues when it comes to creating quality sound. His latest release, "Black Music," focuses on many current events, bringing a story to all listeners willing to receive.

Cash Burner 5000 gives absolute vitality within his track "Black Music" right from the very start, and he doesn't let up with it throughout the entirety of the song.

"Black Music" had its music video released in early June, and Cash Burner 5000 keeps it concise and straightforward with the visuals. The video of "Black Music" has many striking moments, as Cash Burner 5000 hones in a ton of vehemence, and this is easily relayed through his character within the video. The track outlines various themes, such as black appreciation and oppression, allowing listeners to receive his sufficiently in-depth perspective on important matters. Cash Bruner 5000 has incredible high-energy, making it easy for listeners to vibe along to his passion-filled music. All in all, Cash Burner 5000 created the "Black Music" music video that strived to expose listeners to many truths.