NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Eleanor Tallie’s Hit Single “Promised Land”

Vocalist, songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist Eleanor Tallie has been captivated by the groove of American music since her childhood in Israel. Classically trained on the cello and raised in a household of musicians, Eleanor began writing original lyrics and music when she was 12 years old, and studied classical music for 15 years. After completing her studies, she traveled throughout Israel performing original songs as a singer-songwriter and pianist, both solo and with a band backing her up. Eleanor is in the process of recording her new album with producer Steve Greenwell (Joss Stone, Busta Rhymes, Digable Planets and more). Her first single off the record, entitled “Promised Land” is available on all streaming platforms. Eleanor is set to release several additional single releases over the course of 2019-2020, all produced by Steve Greenwell. After five years of living and touring in the US, in over 35 states, Eleanor Tallie will be getting back on the road for her 2019-2020 Winter Tour in the upcoming months.

Featuring a brand new music video, “Promised Land” brings vast and vibrant visuals to life. Eleanor’s vocals are quite wonderful, as are the lyrics. They swoop around a carefully constructed dreamscape of a backing track and the new visual match up perfectly. There is something so vibrant about the choice of melody fused with the psychedelic and colorful music video. This fills “Promised Land” with an exotic, other-worldly charm, which is only enhanced by the ever-changing scenery. I think “Promised Land” is quite mesmerizing. The music video is entertaining, layered, engaging, and is all the more powerful when matched with Eleanor’s hypnotizing vocals and authenticity. 

Check out the brand new music video below and stream Eleanor's single “Promised Land” here

Keep reading for more with Eleanor Tallie in our exclusive interview! 


What was the main theme you want viewers to take away from this music video?

“Promised Land” is a phrase mostly used when referring to a place. But in this song, I use the concept of a “Promised Land” as an inner place, a place reached within the internal self, on the journey of authenticity. I’ve learned that relationships with others only work best when you reach that Promised Land within you. The video was a visual opportunity for me to tell that story, with different looks to represent who I am in the most authentic way – multi cultural, multi-faceted and straightforward.

What was the filming process like?

The filming process was actually a very intuitive process. We had a few concepts in mind for the video, but nothing was planned in detail. I let Zoe Map, our video director, get inspired by the song and the energy it holds. We deliberately left lots of ends loose. It all ended up falling into place, with shots and visuals that turned into subtle representations of my identity and message. That’s exactly what I was hoping for, since this is my first music video, so it was good to sort of “introduce” who I am and what I had to say. I’m very thankful for the process and the incredibly talented team Zoe put together for this video.

How did you create the idea for this video to match the message within “Promised Land?

Since Promised Land’s message is about our relationship with ourselves being the pillar of any relationship with anyone else, I felt that showing different looks will be a great visual representation of different facets of identity and self discovery. Also, conveying intimacy was another goal, since this is the most intimate subject – our authenticity, our relationship with ourselves. Using multiple colors was something I envisioned when I first thought about the video, and Zoe completed that creative thought with adding the idea of black and white shots to make it all feel more whole and complete.

Do you know which single of yours will be released next?

Yes. At least one more single will be released before my next video. The song is entitled “Rooftops” and it‘s about New York – the hopes and dreams the city holds and the evolution of those hopes and dreams.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming album?

The upcoming album will have songs on it about my journey, and what seems to be everyone’s journey. The best thing about life is that you get to live it – the happiness, the pain, the joy, the fears and the beauty of all of it combined. It’s a very personal group of songs, but also feels like it’s everyone else’s story. I’m really excited to keep releasing my music, and just feel so grateful to be able to do that.


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