New Music Video for “Try” by Matt Relevo is out now!

Matt Relevo is an artist that puts the utmost thought into everything he delivers to his fans. From his thoughtful lyrics and heart-warming concepts to his image and presence as a performer, he is always bringing the absolute best to the table. This has never been more clear than in the much-anticipated music video for “Try", which was co-produced by Justin Scott, GrizyLace, & Jared Tyler. The underlying message of the song is a theme of togetherness and bringing together two people from different backgrounds. Matt Relevo further cements this concept through the video, it starts with a scene of him and a female, then builds into scenes featuring groups of friends with a clear love and respect for one another. A highlight from the video is whenever it cuts to the scene of Matt Relevo singing alone, you can hear the true passion and meaning behind his words. The new music video for “Try” is absolutely worth experiencing to further understand Matt Relevo as an artist!

Coming from a musical family, Matt Relevo’s parents were both equally talented and there was no doubt where Matt’s future was headed. Hailing from Long Island New York, Matt Relevo is planning on taking the music industry by storm.

Stream "Try" here and check out the new music video below!