NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Hatty Keane Captivates In “Plaything" By Silent Walls

Manchester-born singer/songwriter Hatty Keane is bringing a soul-filled style to the music industry. Creating honest music whilst reflecting the struggles of real people is was Hatty Keane is all about. Her gritty style and honest lyricism deliver a fresh new connection for her fans to relate to. From sharing stages with the likes of Rudimental and Ed Sheeran to being invited to perform at the prestigious Forbes Magazine's 30 under 30 in Israel. Hatty has grown a loyal fanbase whilst spending time developing her unique sound over the last few years.

The brand new music video for “Plaything” features Hatty Keane in her absolute element. She looks stunning with her authentic style and flair while she expertly recites every word in a beautiful city landscape. The camera work is unique and captures every moment perfectly while showcasing raw passion with every lyric being delivered. The setting is completely versatile and always interesting. As Hatty Keane delivers her empowering and inspiring message throughout “Plaything”, she is seen standing on a gorgeous beach with vast mountains as large as her self-confidence and self-worth. “Plaything” by Silent Walls Ft. Hatty Keane is a refreshing addition to our playlist and matched with the stunning visuals it’s on its way to the top! 

Stream “Plaything” here and be sure to check out the brand new music video below! 

Welcome back, Hatty Keane! What have you been up to through summer 2019?

Hey! Thank you, this summer I've been writing some new material, working on the live side of things with my band and of course filming the visuals for my tracks freedom and plaything.