NEW MUSIC VIDEO: Indré Releases New Hit “Nostalgic Candy”

Based in Akron, Ohio, Indré is a breath of fresh air in the music scene. Her catchy pop anthems have been making waves in her hometown and state since the release of her debut album “Serenity” in February 2019. Indré strives to touch the hearts of her listeners with her captivating vocals and emotive songwriting abilities. Her latest release, “Nostalgic Candy” is a dreamy new pop tune with exciting new visuals to match! 

Throughout the music video for “Nostalgic Candy,” Maddie Indré showcases her skills as both a gifted songwriter and performer. With many nostalgic references and funny moments, the video remains upbeat and light-hearted. Everything from the colorful setting, the flash mob-style dancing and a brief moment of flawless air guitar, “Nostalgic Candy” brings back highlights from this previous year. The light and bouncing melody will be caught in your head for days along with the sing-along chorus. Indré delivers both a delightfully energetic presence and a comfortable relatability with her music. The new single cascades around you as this stunning wave of carefully selected moments, progressing quickly from dreamlike to rhythmically engaging and making perfect sense in the process. The song successfully envelops its audience for the full extent of its lifespan. “Nostalgic Candy” has elements of retro-pop fused with a contemporary and authentic Indré flare.


Listen to “Nostalgic Candyhere and read more with Indré below!

Congratulations on the single “Nostalgic Candy”. What can you tell us about this song? What prompted you to write it?

I wanted to write a song with a pop sensibility that set an empowering tone. Songwriting is a huge part of my life, so I had a few poems that fit the concept, and I just paced around my house, and played around on keys and guitar until it came together. 

What do you think is the most stand-out lyric in “Nostalgic Candy”?

“We burn the bridge at both ends for a distance between us that was already there from the start. Up from too deep, too fast, I got the bends, stopped the vessels, cut off all of the blood to my heart” This lyric is a metaphor that compares the decompression sickness that scuba divers can experience when they come up to the surface too quickly, to really being in deep with another person and then before you know it, you’re out of the water reflecting on it all.

What inspired the fun new music video?

I wanted to create a contrast between where the lyrics were coming from and this video. So we went for something silly and colorful. 

What are some of the key values you aim to represent with your music?

I want my music to represent honesty. Songwriting and performing are my outlets, so I aim to express my truths and hopefully help somebody in the process.

What can we expect from you going through to the end of 2019!?

I’ve got some releases on the horizon.

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