NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “Run Run” By Jonny Starkes Proves That Reality Is A Beach

Residing in Toronto, Canada, singer/songwriter Jonny Starkes is about the rise and falls of real life. His emotive poetry translates into powerful songs that any listener can relate to. Jonny delivers a soulful grit but exudes a peacefulness to his unique craft. He leaves everything in the open and lets his artistic vulnerability shine through.

Out now, the brand new music video for “Run Run”. This song is a story of love on the rocks which ultimately ends up coming to a place of self understanding and true realties. The stunning music video features Jonny’s raw and meaningful energy and makes the lyricism in “Run Run” even more powerful. Filmed on a beach, the music video boasts the vast beauty of Jonny’s surroundings, it really highlights the overall theme of “Run Run”. Jonny Starkes really personifies every lyric in “Run Run”, he is seen sitting in deep thought and embracing his surroundings. In true poetic fashion, and to conclude the spectacular music video, Jonny slowly walks into the water, fully clothed, and begins swimming. Swimming for what? His lost love, his own self realization, or was he just hot and needed to cool off? Either way, we can’t get enough of the brilliance that Jonny Starkes consistently brings to the table. Stay on the lookout for this rising star!

Stream “Run Run” here and check out the music video below.


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