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New Music: Wally Zoo Releases Hit Song "Go Get It"

From the opening chord you know this is going to be a masterfully dialled composition. It’s watery, plodding and epically layered. When the sub bass comes in, slipping into some bit-crushed elegance, you can’t help but wondering if you’re on your way to some trapped-out hazy. Yet, despite the early signs of popular hi-hat relevance, it’s the clarity of the vocals that packs the biggest punch.

It’s a quality update from the Long Islander who brought us the sultry, creamy sounds of “I love feeling alone it’s ordinary.” In that jam the listener was invited on a soul-searing yet inspirational experience. “Facetime” was pentatonic bliss, longing for a deeper connection. And with “keep on going” we listened to the brisk, melodic charm of a quality evening jam. But it was a release borne out of struggle and frustration, despite how poppy it sounded.

Now, with “Go Get It,Wally Zoo has arrived. It’s an understated triumph with just the right amount of detune — very slight, dopamine inducing. You can tell that Wally Zoo is on the grind to lean into riches. The way he sings about “every night a new topic” provides a decent framework for understanding the kind of anthems we can expect from this talented new hip-hop voice in the months and years to come. That is to say, precise, effortless, addictive. File this song within the column of au courant, modern soulful rap. You’ll love the slow-motion brilliance of singing about hustling with instrumentation that has that a deep bad-ass flow. It’s like driving down Sunset Boulevard around Vine in a sleek black car with the top down, knowing the sun’s not going anywhere.

Listen to "Go Get It" by Wally Zoo here.

Care to introduce yourself?

My name is Wally. I’m a 25 year old from Long Island, NY who has been writing since I was 15. I’ve always had an interest in creative writing and a love for hip hop so I thought putting the two together would be interesting. Rapping started as a hobby until I realized I had talent. I just moved from the east coast to the west and I’m looking to take the next step with my music.

When you set out to write “Go Get It,” how conscious were you of trying to create a blissed-out, chill vibe, verses attempting to tell a deeper story through you lyrics?

The funny thing is that the verse was written before the song was even a thought. I like to call my style of writing free writing cause it’s like I freestyle with the pen and build off of it. I actually wrote this verse at work while I was taking a walk. I was having a bad day, felt like I was stuck and wrote the verse. As for the chorus, once I heard the beat by Mantra, in my car, I started writing it and that verse just fit perfectly with the song and beat.

Do you feel like your experience of growing up in Long Island had an influence on the type of rap music you’re drawn to?

I wouldn’t say so. I listen to a variety of music which I think my family and friends influenced.

Who are the artists who've had the biggest impact on your creative journey?

Drake, Kanye West, Future, Lil Wayne and recently Kyle, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Logic.

What are some things you’ve learned from your previous releases you put out that helped while recording this track?

Time is key. Making a song perfect before I release it is something I’ve learned to love. There’s a lot of songs I’ve never showed anyone because I thought I could do better.

What do you think this song shows about the musical direction you’re headed?

This song to me shows my diversity and in rapping, singing and lyrics. Connecting with Audio Push to me is such a huge honor and accomplishment cause I’ve been following them sing they released Teach Me How to Jerk. I’m trying to work with as many artist I’ve been following as I can.


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