NEW MUSIC: Young up and coming artist Cloe Wilder release “Save Me.”

Cloe Wilder has a sound that is mature and well-established well beyond her years. Her stunning vocals and incredible skills as a songwriting set her apart in the music industry in a big way. She dives deep into the ups and downs of the human experience, making her song relatable for listeners from all walks of life. Cloe Wilder’s newest single “Save Me.” gets quietly candid about contemporary insecurities and self-esteem on this latest single. Cloe’s own emotionally moving vocal is all that’s needed to let the inner strength of the song and indeed the artist shine brightly.

As “Save Me.” builds, certain subtleties help reinforce melancholy and uncertainty. The beat comes in to assist this sense of moving away from difficulty.  What helps that message feel all the more genuine is Cloe’s personal and intimate, upfront delivery and presentation style. The entire track works artistically as a unit to highlight the underlying sentiment of moving away from the weight of expectation or feelings of being less than. “Save Me.” is about moving towards personal strength and a belief in better. Cloe’s voice and the entire arrangement of this track are the driving forces, but it’s the ideas are what linger with you after listening. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes Cloe Wilder in the near future! 

Check out “Save Me.” here and connect with the artist through her Instagram!