NEW RELEASE: DJ Michael Herrick Is Making Us Feel Alive With “When We’re Sober"

Michael Herrick is a DJ straight out of Sacramento, CA. We’re loving the tracks he can produce, and the emotions he can make listeners feel. Michael produces tracks that have an extremely feel-good vibe to them, and his latest music is nothing less (more on that in a few). What you can expect from Michael Herrick is a fun-loving experience within his music. He’s definitely now a newbie to the house/electro-pop music scene, and you can tell by the way he crafts his tracks. Not a single flaw in the production of sounds and rhythms, not even any hint of incompatibility with the meshwork of sound he creates. We love ourselves some talented DJ’s, and we know the BuzzMusic community will appreciate the level of expertise Michael Herrick produces in his music—especially so in his latest track “When We’re Sober”. 

Okay, we have to comment on how talented the production of Michael’s latest track “When We’re Sober” is. It’s the perfect catchy and upbeat summer track that we know will be an absolute hit. As you loyal BuzzMusic readers know, we’re all about feel-good music we can play throughout the office and be feeling like we’re on top of the world. “When We’re Sober” is just the track that can make us feel all of that. The track will immediately catch your attention with how magical the sound is interpreted (by all of us at the office at least). “When We’re Sober” is the type of track you must play on full blast to feel the full effects of its atmosphere. It makes us feel energized. It makes us feel electric! If you’re a fan of the pop music scene, then Michael is the producer you want behind the catchiest electro-pop singles of the summer, without a doubt. 

Dance to “When We’re Sober” here, and keep scrolling for Michael Herrick’s exclusive interview. 

Hey there Michael! Can you share with us what made you so passionate about the house/electro-pop music scene?

This is actually one of the first house songs I’ve made in a while, but I was really inspired by some of the music Strange Fruits Records have been putting out.  I really love pop music, so it was fun fusing a more dance-inspired track with pop elements.

What is the most important element within your music that you want to shine through your music the most?

For me, its always very melody driven, whether it be from the lead sound, the vocals, or the chords.“When We’re Sober” is an incredibly catchy track.

What was your initial vision for the song before you finished production?

I actually started with just the main chords and then played my guitar over it to find the main lead melody, then I sent it to my friends John the Dropout and Tasji, and they wrote these super fun lyrics to it that just fit so well, I couldn’t believe it.

What would be your dream venue to perform?

I’m not much of a performer, I really haven’t DJed much, just been so focused on producing, but I think playing Coachella would be amazing.

What’s next for you throughout the rest of 2019?

The rest of the year is packed with releases.  I think I have a song coming out every month until the end of the year, so this is a really exciting year for me.

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