New Release From TSA Da Don, “Screaming for Help" Brings a Light to Mental Illness

Tsa Da Don, is an American hip-hop artist who’s music is all about bringing something new to the table from his high-class modern sound but with a vintage touch to it. Recently Tsa Da Don nailed a distribution deal under the label Space Age/Loyalty N Family Entertainment in the light before his upcoming debut album. Just before his album drops, Tsa has given us a taste of what’s to come in the latest single “Screaming for Help” and this is the perfect chill-out modern masterpiece.

From the moment “Screaming for Help” opens up with a fun, high energy vocal chops with some banging intense drums before Tsa Da Don's honest flow begins. We felt lost inside of this mystical world that has an incredibly emotional backstory about mental illness and brings forward a touching light to the subject without being too in your face about it. The execution is flawless and keeps in your mind, “Screaming for Help” has the upbeat energy, the vibes, and the deep meanings behind the lyrics. This makes for a vivid experience that any person would be able to pick something out and enjoy. We are absolutely thrilled about “Screaming for Help” and cannot wait to hear Tsa Da Don’s upcoming debut album.

Listen to “Screaming for Help” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tsa Da Don! We are thrilled about your release “Screaming for Help”! What had inspired you to write a tune that was so deeply focussed on mental illness?

I always try to keep my music as authentic as possible. There are plenty of deep records that I have recorded that are about my personal experiences with life. The inspiration really just comes from me overcoming every obstacle that has stood in front of me. I just do my best to help motivate other people that are dealing with the same problems I have. I just want the listeners to understand that they are not alone with stress, depression, etc.

The production of this tune is incredibly modern but has a bit of a vintage vibe going on, how were those vocal chops created that we hear throughout the song? Was there an element of this song created before the others?

The beat was made by producer KpBeats, I was scrolling through beats on YouTube and I came past this one and gave it a listen. Once I heard the production build and then the beat began to drop I instantly started to write the record. Those vocal chops were already in the beat when I made the purchase. It sounds like he sampled the chopped vocals, he definitely did an excellent job with the production on this record.

Being a Baltimore native, did you ever feel that that had an impact on the music that you were creating? Is there anything in your daily life or artists that inspire you?

I was born in Baltimore Maryland, but I moved to District Heights, Maryland not too long after being born. I was raised in District Heights until the age of 10 and then my mother moved me, my big brother, and big sister to Wilmington, Delaware. My entire life I have grown up in the inner cities which are considered the “rough neighborhoods”. I have seen a lot of drug abuse, gun violence, robberies, and deaths. Everything that I witnessed inspires me to push myself as an artist to turn my dreams into a reality. The reason I say that is because where I’m from and where I have lived, a lot of people don’t get to get to see 18 years of age.

We are very excited about your upcoming album, how do the songs on it compare to “Screaming for Help”? Do you feel you have grown as an artist from finishing this release to working on the album?

My debut album “Maryland Kid” is about 75% completed, I am just waiting on some verses from a few artists that I am working with on the project. On this album, there are other deep records similar to “Screaming For Help”. I will be giving the listeners a piece of everything from club records, to love records, to deep thought records the whole nine. With this project, I feel like I have grown and matured as an artist because I am actually able to talk about my personal life experiences on this album. On my two previous mixtapes “Unkrowned King” and “The Industry Cannibal” I was just showing my lyricism and rapping. On my upcoming album “Maryland Kid” I am giving you lyricism but I am also showing you my song structure, my versatility, I’m painting a picture for the listener.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I already have my sophomore album “Quality Over Quantity recorded, I am also working on my Rnb album “Thoughts & Melodies” as well. I’m just constantly in the studio recording, mixing, and mastering music. With every new project I am working on, I am making sure that it will be better than my previous project.