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New Release “Not Because Of You” By Jonas Brøg Is Moving And Powerful

Emerging sing/songwriter Jonas Brøg takes his personal trial and expresses them through his moving music. From Copenhagen, Denmark, Jonas Brøg has been affected by depression. Not only does it deeply affect him but it hits his family hard. Jonas Brøg expresses himself and shows us raw vulnerability through his powerful music.

“Not Because Of You” is an incredible new single by Jonas Brøg. It’s a song dedicated to his family explaining what he suffers through and the main message being that it’s “Not Because Of You” that he feels this way. Jonas Brøg describes his mental struggle as not being able to love, and not being able to be loved. His message is loud and clear and to the many people listening who struggle with depression “Not Because Of You” is a glimmer of hope. The purely acoustic intro leads into a soundscape of electronic arrangements and an addicting beat. Jonas Brøg layers a meaningful message with a powerful and addicting beat. He’s a brilliant singer/songwriter with a mesmerizing voice and message to share. I highly recommend you add “Not Because Of You” to your personal playlist and stay on the lookout for what Jonas Brøg delivers next!

Check out “Not Because Of You” here!



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