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New Release “The Shell That Used To Be” From Forgotten Legion Has Our Attention

Forgotten Legion is a Hollywood based Metal band that formed in 2014 while attending Musicians Institute. Since starting out as just two guitarists Sergio Javier and Eddie Solana, and then shortly after, Silvestre Rojas became the rhythm expert on the drums and SirDwight Tashibish on vocals, Forgotten Legion toured around Southern California before completing the band with Justin Ellis on the bass. Recently, Forgotten Legion released their high energy, attitude heavy single “The Shell That Used To Be” off of their newest self-titled EP and we were completely blown away from their use of heavy chugging guitars, wacky drums, and aggressive vocals that seem to seem into your soul. “The Shell That Used To Be” is the perfect example of what Forgotten Legion is made of, we heard little sparks of influence in this tune that range from Mastodon, Misfits, and Meshuggah. Forgotten Legion is able to create an intense but slightly cinematic mood that we fell deeply in love with. With lyrics like "Aspire to comprehend feeling alive,”  we started feeling the deep emotional struggle that Forgotten Legion is feeling about the world and home. Combined with their excellent production and high energy, Forgotten Legion makes for an unforgettable experience that takes us through their deepest emotions. After listening to this breakthrough release from Forgotten Legion, we are able to say that they do djent. 

Listen to "The Shell That Used To Be" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Forgotten Legion! We’re loving your release “The Shell That Used To Be”! It’s got the perfect amount of attitude and soul, what was your inspiration behind the deep lyrics? Sergio Javier [Guitar]: We started with the themes of an alien traveler from Mars, and we started brainstorming after watching a video about an alien being, adding in some different scientific theories on top of it all.

SirDwight Tashibish [Vocals]: The inspiration for Shell was to tell the story of how humans as a species sort of have amnesia but are still conscious; where we're from we can only see a certain spectrum and can only live in the present. How we're all made of stardust and we don't know how we're from and we're still figuring things out. So quoting the song; “The present is all that we know”, it's all that we've deduced and we're still missing a big chunk of the story of humanity.

How long ago was this song created?

Sergio: The original version of the song was written in 2014, it used to be called “Necroparalysis”. It became “The Shell That Used To Be” later in 2015.

Eddie Solana [Guitar]: We just wanted to write the heaviest riff possible; That was the point of the whole song.

Sergio: It was just a challenge we gave ourselves.

Eddie: It ended up having a real heavy tribal vibe.

Your music has such an incredible edge, from the guitars to the drums to the intense vocals, how was each element recorded and produced? SirDwight: We started by recording the whole EP with everybody all at once live in the studio in one go, pulling an all-nighter from 9 PM to 6 AM at LightBlack Productions in Gardena, CA. We wanted to capture the raw feel we have when we play live. Afterward, we started working with post-production.

Silvestre Rojas [Drums]: When we entered post-production we started experimenting with all the elements that could immerse you into the story we were trying to tell. It was a lot of trial and error but we went out of our way to make sure with the final product you can get to know us and enter the world of Forgotten Legion.

Eddie: We layered the guitar tracks with each of us playing simultaneously through different types of amplifiers because we wanted to experiment with our guitar tone; Really make a tone that sounds specific to Forgotten Legion, that perfectly suits the energy of the song. Something thick and nasty sounding but without it losing definition; that makes you think of the end of the universe.

Were there any challenges faced during the creation process?

Sergio: There were so many. It got really tense at points, a guitar may or may not have been thrown.

SirDwight: There were all kinds of things that got in the way; Logistically finding the time to keep up with college, work, and family as well as keeping up with our rehearsals and live shows. The everyday challenges that can sap your creative energy- Long commutes, financial struggles, mental stability. All the things that face working musicians; But they really came to the front while we were recording.

Silvestre: All of it just kept pushing us forward. Every hurdle we faced just made us want it even more badly.

Justin Ellis [Bass]: For me personally the biggest challenge was having to re-record all of my bass parts. I wasn't happy with my overall tone and we couldn’t re-amp it, and I wasn’t happy with my execution of some of the more challenging sections of the songs. I had to get it all done before I went to Massachusetts to visit my family for the holidays while also taking all my final exams. Like Silvestre said, that crunch; that struggle and frustration; just pushed me to get it to the next level even harder.

Silvestre: The post-production process was a challenge also because we needed to explain what we were hearing in our heads that could complement the song, then make it a reality.

With the band originally forming during your time at Musicians Institute, what was the initial spark of inspiration in forming Forgotten Legion?

Sergio: To be honest it was just the urge to make music, to express oneself.

Eddie: We all went to music school, that was the whole idea. To meet like-minded people and just go for it.

Justin: It took a while to get all of us together after the initial forming of the band, but now the band is all on the same wavelength while still having lots of different perspectives and backgrounds. It’s like we all have the same destination but there are five different maps. It can get a little hectic at times, but we never remain stagnant for long.

What was the thought process behind coming up with the name? Does it have any sentiment meaning to you?

Sergio: The name came from ancient history, something I'm personally really into. I wanted it to be something from history and put our personal spin on it. There was this legion of ancient Roman soldiers that went missing in the desert, a scout was sent to look for them but all they could find was their commander's head. They called them the forgotten legion, and that just leaped at me as a great name. After that I had the idea that it could represent all the different people and ideas that have been lost, forgotten, or obscured by time. We are very excited about your upcoming EP, how do the songs on it compare to “The Shell That Used To Be”?

Silvestre: The songs are pretty different compared to each other, composition-wise, but we stay true to what we believe is Forgotten Legion’s style; The combination of all the musical elements that define us as individuals. We’re all so different musically but we all have some common ground and I think that’s what makes it work. You listen to the whole EP and you can hear the songs flowing into each other and telling that story. There are fast moments, moments of tension, moments when you can take a breath from everything that’s happening, moments of just groove, and very heavy moments.

Justin: We opened up the EP with “The Shell That Used To Be” because it's definitely the most ambitious and out there song we recorded. After that with “Swarm” and “Brainwashed”, we really wear our influences on our sleeves; you can hear all the different things that inspire us going on in those tracks- All the different styles of music we put into Forgotten Legion. They've still got a lot going on but they're more straight-ahead than “Shell”, and “Brainwashed” has that great hook. With the last track, “Rejected Warning”, we just pulled out all the stops and let loose all the chaos we could into a two-minute span.

Sergio: The idea of that last song was to make it as brutal as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Is there a whole story being told from start to end during the EP?

SirDwight: There's a common narrative between all the songs- It's like a sequence of information coming from four different perspectives. It starts saying that we don't know everything and have gaps to fill, mental blind spots, then we get pulled into having different ideas forced on us and forced into this current of consciousness that is much bigger than the individual. You can't ignore it and it can get into your head and mess with your brain, ending with a notice that this must be accepted in order to grow from where you are now. You can accept the truth staring you in the face or you can re-bury your head in the sand. It's your choice.


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