New Release “The Shell That Used To Be” From Forgotten Legion Has Our Attention

Forgotten Legion is a Hollywood based Metal band that formed in 2014 while attending Musicians Institute. Since starting out as just two guitarists Sergio Javier and Eddie Solana, and then shortly after, Silvestre Rojas became the rhythm expert on the drums and SirDwight Tashibish on vocals, Forgotten Legion toured around Southern California before completing the band with Justin Ellis on the bass. Recently, Forgotten Legion released their high energy, attitude heavy single “The Shell That Used To Be” off of their newest self-titled EP and we were completely blown away from their use of heavy chugging guitars, wacky drums, and aggressive vocals that seem to seem into your soul. “The Shell That Used To Be” is the perfect example of what Forgotten Legion is made of, we heard little sparks of influence in this tune that range from Mastodon, Misfits, and Meshuggah. Forgotten Legion is able to create an intense but slightly cinematic mood that we fell deeply in love with. With lyrics like "Aspire to comprehend feeling alive,”  we started feeling the deep emotional struggle that Forgotten Legion is feeling about the world and home. Combined with their excellent production and high energy, Forgotten Legion makes for an unforgettable experience that takes us through their deepest emotions. After listening to this breakthrough release from Forgotten Legion, we are able to say that they do djent. 

Listen to "The Shell That Used To Be" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Forgotten Legion! We’re loving your release “The Shell That Used To Be”! It’s got the perfect amount of attitude and soul, what was your inspiration behind the deep lyrics? Sergio Javier [Guitar]: We started with the themes of an alien traveler