NEW RELEASE: “Wild One” By Shy Harry Boasts Smooth Fusion Of Genres

Residing in Southern Ontario, Canada, 4-piece rock band Shy Harry is ready to launch their fresh new sound into the music industry. Comprised of Eric Bolton, Grant Gimpel, Ryan Whitney, and the newest addition, Cameron Earnshaw, Shy Harry strives to spread their eclectic blues/rock sound as far as it takes them. With two full length albums under their belt, their blues driven, groovy music keeps the fans coming back for more.

As a unique twist that sets Shy Harry apart in today’s music industry, they feature all four members vocals on some of their tracks including their most anticipated release “Wild One”. Previously a three man band, “Wild One” is Shy Harry’s first release since new member Cameron Earnshaw joined. “Wild One” brings rock n roll grit and sultry blues noise fused with Shy Harry’s well known spectacular vocals and hard hitting melodies. Jam out, sing along, and groove to this rock anthem for all ages. Shy Harry is wise beyond their years, their mighty, crunchy guitar riffs together with their pummeling rhythmic textures and dynamic edgy vocals are laced with old school elements while still maintaining the focus of a modern band. With a rhythm section throwing down tight grooves and guitar big enough to put a hole in your chest, it’s hard to believe the band is only four guys. Soul-filled and melodious piano fills “Wild One” with just enough blues to keep the listener toe-tapping and grooving along. I recommend you check out “Wild One” and Shy Harry’s two other albums, available on all major streaming platforms.

Check out "Wild One" and read more in our exclusive interview below!

Hi guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you start by telling our readers how you all met and how Shy Harry came to fruition?

Shy Harry started as a collaborative musical endeavour between long-time friends, Grant Gimpel (bass) and Eric Bolton (singer/songwriter/guitarist/vocalist) as a common goal to write and make music that not only felt good, but music that would be universally accepted and relatable. Grant had been working with drummer, Ryan Whitney in the meantime on another project, and after the release of the first self-titled album, Ryan joined the band, replacing previous drummer, Jeremy Ramos-Foley. After the release of our sophomore album, “Yestermind", Cameron Earnshaw joined in on keys/organ/guitar/vocals to bring a new element and new - edgier - sound to Shy Harry that we cannot wait to dive into deeper. Cambridge boys, making #LocalNoise, as we always say. 

Do you have any favorite notable artists that influence your sound?

We all have different musical tastes that stem from every genre on this planet - from classic rock and blues to prog-metal. We love this musical diversity within the group because it shines within our individual playing styles, and also contributes to our creative process. With that being said, we tend to agree that Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, U2, John Mayer, Alexionfire and The Beatles all have a place in each of our hearts - see, interesting spread right? 

What’s your writing process like as a group?

We are very collaborative in the composition of each song. That is, the three of us (now four) write all of the music and instrumentation together and we are all very supportive of one another's craft. Another nice thing is that we all play several instruments, so we are able to offer suggestions for each part. Once the music is done, Eric swoops in and writes lyrics. We are hoping to add 4-part harmonies to our future songs now that we have Cam's incredible voice and our drummer stepping out of his comfort zone to sing back-ups as well. 

When you're not making music, what do you all do?

Our front-man Eric Bolton owns his own music school/studio called E-Bolt Music located downtown Galt in Cambridge ON. Each of us teach at the school and support his business that way. We also have a library of cover music we have preformed over the years, so that keeps us busy with numerous private events, weddings and the odd pub night where we'll throw in a few of our original songs.  We also share a passion for creating performance opportunities for other musicians in our community by hosting concerts and connecting other artists with event coordinators…even some of our students have started performing!

Is this new single leading up to another full length album with your new member?

We could not be happier with how 'Wild One' turned out, especially with the evolution of Shy Harry that is developing along with it. We have more time in the studio in July 2019, and hope to put out a couple more singles before summer is over as we feed off this momentum and positive change. Our sound is developing - but still Shy Harry at its core - along with our image and stylistic approach to songwriting and performing. We are super stoked to have added Cam and his many talents to the group, and are going to be hitting the writing hard to hopefully put another full-length out next year. We have a lot of growth and exploration to do before then, but we couldn't be more excited to dive in and potentially find a new sound altogether.  We think it’s time to make a full on rock ’n’ roll album!


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