New Single “Forsaken” Predicts an Incredible Upcoming Year for She Cried Raven

She Cried Raven is striving to create long-lasting music that will impact those who listen for many years to come. Based in Los Angeles, California, the band is testing the boundaries of creativity and songwriting, in hopes of sparking inspiration in the music industry in their wake. They bring an eclectic aspect to traditional punk music that is gaining attention from fans across North America. They put their all into every track, and that kind of passion is what makes this band one to watch for.

The band’s latest single, “Forsaken” catches your attention with a fierce opening featuring the electric guitar. It has a dark, mysterious tone that really sets the mood for the remainder of the song. The vocals are intense and combative, allowing anyone who listens to feel the passion that is delivered throughout the song. We can only imagine the kind of compelling and fearless atmosphere She Cried Raven would bring to a live show, with their natural ability to bring incredible energy to any crowd. “Forsaken” is a killer first single off the upcoming album and really gets us excited about what’s to come. Get ready, because the remainder of the album is set for release in 2020 and we can't wait to hear it.

Listen to "Forsaken" here.

Hey, She Cried Raven! Congratulations on the release of “Forsaken”! What a track that definitely got our blood pumping! Where did the creative aspect for the production come about for this particular single?

Cheers for that! In all our work we try to think on a cinematic scale. One of my biggest influences is going to the movies so the idea of being able to create virtually your very own horror film has always been a cool thought. Behind Forsaken, in particular, the concept was the feeling of being just isolated and never really being alone in a sense it’s actually quite twisted.

Let’s talk about the varying aspects you bring to the sounding of your music. We can hear that the way you curate your music is not as traditional as many artists out there, which is particularly why “Forsaken” stood out to us so prominently. Can you walk us through your steps in the creative process, and how you ensure you stand out from the crowd?

I think what makes artists and bands so unique is the team that’s behind it all. So many different characteristics and perspectives go into the making for each aspect when developing a production it truly takes on its own identity at some point. Vocally and lyrically at least personally starting from the beginning then deciding the key factors in the ending, and chiseling it down making my way to the center of it helps me be objective when writing compositionally. We actually have to sit on the material and plan well in advance before anything is set in stone because Adrian (Guitarist), Brendan(Guitarist), and Damian (Drummer) reside on the opposite side of the country from me which can be frustrating at moments though it gives us time to really decide if something aligns with what our goals are as a group. We’ll rehearse non stop even going to the extent of jamming with other artists to get different takes on things or different ideas. It’s a bit ironic at moments because there are times where you think something is a great idea then it doesn’t fit well, then we’ll be jamming with a guest artist and something was done by mistake that was closer to the mark. There always has to be that take away that one moment in the track where it’s like ‘dam I felt that’ and that’s what resonates with our listeners the most. 

“Forsaken” was a stellar track to open your upcoming album. Was it easy to pick this track to be the opener? What specifically about “Foresaken” is memorable for you as a group?

Where we are at as a band currently the track suits our style quite nice I’d say.

This track renewed what we’re capable of as a group there was a point in time all of us were wondering is this even going to work out. Being able to get past that adversity keeps it all in perspective we connect with some of the coolest people that are outright supportive and it’s those little moments that we can actually enjoy doing what we do. 

Your ability to incorporate such integral energy in your music is fascinating. We can already imagine the atmosphere throughout your live performances. Can you describe in 3 words what the energy is like in your crowd?

In three words mental, drunk, and sexual. Lol

Thanks, She Cried Raven for coming on to BuzzMusic to talk about “Forsaken”! What are the next steps for you collectively as a band?

Cheers, it was a pleasure! Get through the holiday haha. Next year we release our album with no dates in mind just yet and couple support runs lined up we can’t necessarily talk way too much about at the moment.