New Single from Klae, and What Comes Next for This Rising Band?

Emerging from Brighton, England, Klae has been hard at work over the last year fine-tuning their sound and live performances. But don’t worry, they have also been spending time in the recording studio, preparing to release new music! The 5-person band writes music with influences from many genres, including alternative, indie-pop, and even a hint of hard rock, all layered underneath a catchy, but meaningful melody. They put their own spin on a typical indie-pop sound using guitars, bass, and drums, and angelic vocals to tie it all together. Their musical variety and honest lyrics draw in listeners of all music types, and their use of different soundscapes create a unique live show environment.

Klae’s fourth single, ‘Take It Back’ blends edgy guitar and drums with softer electronic sounds to create a modern and fun track. The upbeat yet powerful sound grabs your attention and would make for an outstanding live performance! It's clear that their music truly comes to life in the presence of an audience. The raw vocals are impressive and speak a very important message: letting go of others’ perceptions of you and learning to accept what we as individuals have to offer the world. These lyrics truly come from the heart and show that Klae has what it takes sonically and lyrically to really make an impact for their listeners.

Listen to ‘Take It Back’ by Klae here