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New Single “Looking For Love” By MELA Is The Crisp and Passionate Track We Adore

New York City Based indie-pop singer and songwriter MELA, born Megan Elise Kelly, with her first singles “Give It Back” and “Young!” released under ‘Megan Elise’, a name used to pen songs she’s written for TV, advertisements and film. “MELA” was formed after teaming up with Nashville producer, Ryan Corn, and sisters, Laura and Elizabeth Kelly and her singles were re-released under the new name, gaining popularity quickly with the name change. Released on May 6th was her newest single “Looking For Love” with inspiration coming from those who have supported her along her personal journey. Writing mostly for sync but with true passion in writing songs for herself, MELA has said “My music is my diary; my ultimate release” and is expecting to release 2 more singles this spring that will combine a combination of indie-pop songs surrounding the ups and downs of love and feeling good, then losing love and moving on again. Megan can be found fiercely competing at some board games, dancing at a NYC bar with her friends or playing hide and seek with her cat, Phineas, when she is not playing music.

“Looking for Love” is like coming up for air after a deep dive under water, or the first rain after a storm – just a simply amazing feeling. With stunning vocals, Megan eases through this song with finesse, style, and passion that is clearly emulated through each lyric and note. Her voice is refined, talented, and full of emotion that adds a unique layer to the song and makes it easy for the audience to dive into this juicy track. The gradual build-up of tension that is found throughout “Looking for Love” gives real insight to the presence of the artist embedded into the song and the possible meaning that can be interpreted from this emotional track. The lyrics are extremely well written and articulated perfectly by this up and coming artist. I found myself sitting here listening to this song on repeat and completely getting lost on when it actually began and ended, it just flows that well and has rhythms that are hypnotizing not to mention a vocal track that leaves you feeling a sense of tranquility along with the sheer beauty of the subtle harmonies scattered throughout “Looking for Love”.

Listen to "Looking For Love" here and get to know more about MELA below!

Hey Mela! You have a fantastic tone to your voice! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Wow, thank you so much! Hmm let's see, well I have red hair, I'm the oldest of seven kids, I'm super competitive, and my favorite way to end a night out is on the dance floor!

Your voice sounds so refined and full of experience! When did you first start singing and how did you find your passion for music?

Thank you so so much. That means the world to me. I started playing the violin when I was 5 years old, but I think I've always had a passion for music. My parents have a video of me singing all the words to "What's Up" by the 4 Non Blondes when I was 3 years old. It's just always been my favorite escape! I didn't start taking my singing seriously or writing music until I was about 12 or 13, though.

Are there any inspirations that helped you write “Looking for Love” and what is the meaning behind the song?

Absolutely. I wanted to write a love song that wasn't necessarily only about romantic love, but it can be tough. To find inspiration, I thought about the most important non-romantic relationships in my life- my siblings who are all my best friends, my parents, my friends, and all those who have supported me throughout my life so far. The world can be a scary place sometimes, and we all have moments when we're feeling low or drained. Those important people in my life are the ones I go to when I need to "recharge," and remember what's important before getting back out there and taking on the world. The song is a bit of a 'Thank you' to them, and a reminder that I am here for them as well. 

What made you change from a solo artist to enlisting the help of your sisters and creating Mela, with such a unique sound?

Adding my sisters (Laura and Elizabeth Kelly) to the mix kind of happened naturally. I don't think I've ever written a song that they haven't heard at every single phase as it was coming to life. They are my biggest advocates and I trust their opinions more than anything. But, becoming 'MELA' was mostly about realizing that I could only get so far on my own. I'm 'ok' at a lot of things, but in order to be excellent- that takes a team. I'm so grateful for my sisters, my incredibly talented producer (Ryan Corn), and my band (Charles Meriot, Max Azarmehr, Greg Cignarella, Diana Wong). 

What’s next for Mela in 2019?

More songs, more shows, and more fun! Please make sure you're following on Instagram and Spotify so you can find out when and where to hear our music or catch a show. Next concert is on May 28th at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

Thank you, Buzz Music! Love you guys.


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