New Single, “Trust Nobody” From Hutcho 48 Brings The Heat

Hutcho 48 from Ivor, Virginia, is a multi-talented hip hop artist with an ear for making enthralling songs. His latest single, “Trust Nobody,” shows what he brings to the music industry with its noteworthy lyrics and upbeat tempo. Right from the beginning, “Trust Nobody” radiates energy, and the beat is popping through your headphones. He has a way of connecting with his audience and staying vulnerable in a genre typically dominated by bold and assertive concepts.

Hutcho 48’s shining personality draws you into the song, and the insane beats keep you listening.

Even through the fire beats and vocals, you can still hear the emotion behind the words, the hallmark of a great artist in the making. Hutcho 48 wanted no one left unsatisfied, so he put all his effort into a short and sweet hip hop banger that you won’t forget any time soon. He raps about holding his head up high through the trials and troubles of life and staying true to yourself after being hurt. Underneath all of the musical layers is a genuinely talented artist with a dynamic and striking sound. Hutcho 48 is certainly an artist to keep an eye on, and will undoubtedly bring more heat to hip hop music with his next releases.

What was the influence behind “Trust Nobody”, and what do you want your audience to take away from this track?

The influence behind Trust Nobody really was just me going through some things having different relationships in my life come to an end for whatever reasons. Just feeling like I’m the same person I’ve always been to people and those people in return switch up and change really had me feeling like I can’t trust anybody. Also dealing with a breakup with somebody that you thought was gone be around forever and to see them walk away and move how the move and move funny and have friends in your neighborhood and everywhere before your killed or robbed by people close to them will really have you feeling like you can’t a trust soul. I just wanted my fans to know how I was feeling cause I feel like a lotta people feel like they can’t trust anybody

When it comes to your songs, do you prefer writing them yourself of collaborating with other artists? What is your favorite collaboration you have worked on so far?

When it comes to making music a lot of people freestyle but I still use the pen it doesn’t really matter if by myself or collaborating because I work the same for the most part. As far as favorite collabs go I gotta few and it’s hard to choose but me and firm gotta hella chemistry we gotta a lot of old songs together, Mezzi, we always burn the booth up together shoutout to him and my man from LA Drodie instant connection so them my picks.

How long have you been making music? What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned along the way? What advice would you give to someone just starting out on the music scene?

I have been making music since about 9th grade 2007-2008 first with my homies Leon and Shawn wasn’t really serious. Got back on music like 2013 with Coalition and 2gz That came to an end now currently been goin hard off/on since like Feb 2019. One biggest lesson I learned was music is super expensive and to just keep going and to believe in myself and be myself and do not need validation from anybody cause I’m doing something I love to do and if I put in the work I’m most definitely gonna see the results and I will tell anybody coming up the same!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My inspiration in 2020 is how far I come with this music and now really believing that this is real and I can far as I want to with it and just the overall support from people all over. It’s crazy but when real people behind and supporting you it motivate and give me so much inspiration.